“Courage is bei…

Courage is being scared to death, but going for it Anyway

I saw this line on one of the pictures hanging on the pillar in the basement of our office, it had a picture of a person surfing on huge ocean waves.  How simple are things in life if we keep our options and mind open. Sometimes, we over think things and try to make more of it than it actually is, and there! that rises matters that were not existing in the first place.

Our brain is a wonderful place, it has the most magnificent capabilities. We all have two voices inside, right? please tell me yes, or i’ll start doubting myself. anyway, so what I think is, If you tell yourselves that ‘it’s not hard, U can do it’ and keep saying this , in a way to convince yourself, you’ll be surprised to see that even if you have not done your best at least you tried.


We see things around us on the way to work/school but we never give much thought about it, or never try to see anything interesting in them. Just because you see them everyday, it seems to normal and uninteresting to you. sometimes we do not even know the name of the shops near our place when someone trying to get to your place asks you for directions. But i’m sure most of us have experienced this, when you are happy, when you feel peaceful, when you are trying to spend some alone time with yourself, is when you start noticing things, it could be a tree with an unusual design of branches, could be the flower in your backyard, could be anything. When you are happy you want to see things that are good, or at least would make you feel good.

on the contrary when you are annoyed or pissed off from work or at home anything pleasant will fail to have its effect on you, even the best music, your favorite dish, your all time favorite movie, nothing feels good when you are angry or sad.

Being scared is also something like being happy or angry. Like getting into a room of interviewers for instance, even if you know that you know all the answers to the questions you’ll be asked, even if you know that you are good at what you do, sometimes you miss a beat. One voice within asks ‘what if they ask something i’ve not studied? or what if i forget the answer?’  the other voice tries to console ‘I know all the answers, all i have to do is just get inside that damn door and get out soon.’  and the argument begins. ‘what if i don’t get this job? it would be a shame’ . ‘At max they’re going to say they’re sorry and i’m not selected. This is not the only company in the whole wide world, i will get a job in any other if not this. That’s  not the end of the world, right?’ 

Once you made up your mind, take a deep breath and get inside the room, you’ll do what you have to, but that action of yours is purely based on which voice in your head has won. That is the reason many spiritual preachers say things about ‘positive energy’ and things like that. I have not been to any such places, but only have read a few quotes they have written. But, I think it is true, although my theory is different, not quite the same path as spirituality. The more you think positive, the more confident you become in your life, you’ll be more certain of things than you were.

Courage, I think is one of the positive aspects. You’ll get courage to do anything only when you think positive about it, only when you are certain of what you are going to do is what you want to do and you’re mentally ready to embrace the after effects.

‘Think Positive’ i heard it is good for health too! I wish we could get it any of the stores or something, so that we could skip all the mind games and just hog it 🙂 that’s what we love to do no matter what our mind is thinking!! 🙂



  1. Hey…. I never knew. . . I read all your posts. . . That really is good (for me may be) Ive never did that before. . . U kept on captivating me with ur thoughts. . . It flew all along. . . Enjoyed lady. . . V enjoyed it a lot. . . And. . . Touched too, thank U. . .

    1. Ha ha. . U have read all of them. . N I have ur like or comment on each one. 🙂 Thank you very much for being my best reader 🙂 m very happy that my blogs are worth spending time on.

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