Disturbing deeds …..

“Six get life term in Bangalore University gang rape case” , “Capital shame: Four rape cases involving minors reported from Delhi”, “Sadhu rapes flood victim in Varanasi ashram”  , these are some of the news that has made headlines in few of newspapers today.  According to wiki statistics, the number of these inhuman deeds shoot up to 250,000 per year world-wide, that is about 684 women of all ages from 4 to 80 getting raped every day. As far as our mother land – how ironical, we represent our country as a woman – India: 24,923 is the number recorded in the year 2012 alone. Surprisingly enough Rape is not considered a ‘Criminal Offence’ in our country and apparently we are supposed to be Proud of our nation.

Can you imagine a stranger touching your private parts, can you imagine the pain of a person going through the trauma, Can you imagine how that reel would play and replay in their mind, and can you imagine how it is trying to block those terrible pictures in your head? Can you imagine your daughter being raped by strangers? Can you imagine your sister, your girlfriend, your mother, your best friend being assaulted?
The answer is ‘yes!’ you can imagine how it would be to go through that trauma, but you don’t want to, because it is that frightening.

I was deeply disturbed by such an event that occurred last year,   When a gang of men brutally raped a girl in a moving bus in Delhi on Dec 16th of 2012, that created so much noise around the country, many had participated in the fight, mostly students stood up against the system  demanding for justice. One can’t imagine what she went through for all those 13 days she combat with death. Having lost so much blood, with multiple organ failures, having those terrible images in mind, knowing that her family was suffering with her for what she went through, I would imagine   anyone would be half dead thinking all this, so much of stress.  Ultimately she lost the battle with fate on 28th Dec 2012. The country mourned, her parents got condolence messages from different corners of the world,   and there were protests in many parts of India questioning the investigation progress. All this while, not even a single accused was punished, although few of them were caught. Ram Singh the bus driver  was summoned to metropolitan Magistrate on 18th Dec 2012, but the criminal ‘refused’ to show up for identification process. Did you catch that? Our government gives the liberty for a ‘Criminal’ to act as he wishes and he can deny to attend a legal procedure. And then there were protests all over the country , Google India  had a ‘virtual Candle’  on its home page in memory of the victim, people in Bangalore,  Hyderabad, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata went on protest again , they mourned – the death of who they called ‘Delhi brave heart’  ‘ Nirbhaya’ , ‘ Damini’ , ‘ Amanat’ – by wearing black , by holding candles. The Accused were sentenced to imprisonment, out of six was one minor criminal  a 17-year-old. According to a source, he was the one who inserted an iron rod inside the girl, that damaged her intestine severely. And here goes his punishment,   “The minor was tried separately in a juvenile court A verdict in the case was scheduled to be announced on 25 July 2013, but was deferred until 5 August and then deferred again to 19 August. On 31 August, the juvenile was convicted of rape and murder under the Juvenile Justice Act and given the maximum sentence of three years’ imprisonment in a reform facility which was inclusive of the eight months he spent in remand during the trial.”

See that? It took a solid 8 months for our government to punish a criminal who committed the most brutal crime even before he reached his legal adulthood for Maximum 3 years including the 8 months he spent while they announced his punishment. And what happens after his 2 years and 4 months of punishment? Would he come out clean and good?  Is that what we are hoping for? Is that what we want? Don’t we want to punish them? To teach them a lesson? Well, the other victims were also imprisoned. They’ll be out in a few years, that’s no doubt. That too maybe our government might just run out of budget to take care of those criminals inside those safe rooms behind those bars.  Yes, that’s what we do, right?  Keep the criminals safe out of reach for common people, coz there could be life threats to our precious criminals. So, we give them shelter, and food and security so that they are not deprived of any basic needs while their stay inside the confinement. When millions of Indians have no shelter, no basic needs our government does not have time to see to that these innocent people get clean water to survive in the least, but still we make sure the outlaws are safe and comfortable in their places while their stay in jail and release them once we know the public has forgotten the incident – that is just a matter of maybe a month or so in our country.  Our people are very forgetful as well as easy-forgivers.  Our blood boils for only less time, we can’t keep the heat long enough coz we have other better and latest things to channel our energies and attention to.

The question is, well I’d rephrase it as, the questions are much more vital than the so-called-punishment given by our unfortunately respected government. Where is it all going wrong? Why are young minds getting corrupted? How does a family play a role in moulding the youngsters? How can a society help inculcate the values of humanity?  Why is our government not taking any serious action against this crime? Why this is not considered a crime in the first place? Who gave the rights to steal someone’s virtue to these beasts? Who will punish them? Who do we go to for the answers?  How many women/ girls are being molested, abused as we speak? Who’s putting an end to all these?

Although getting answers for any of these questions will not bring any dead victims back or make the living victims forget what they have gone through, but at least we can avoid having to mourn for more.  My heart goes out to all those who have suffered and still haunted by the demons of their memories. This is time our educated young blood has to understand the value of being human and impart the ideals of civilization in generations to come, reach out a helping hand to their mothers, sisters, friends, daughters. Respect has to be taught to the seedling before it transforms to a giant tree. Apparently I do not see why one should be ‘proud’ of the country which can’t protect people or provide justice to its people. When System fails to set things right maybe the Society should take things in hand. Sigh!!!



    1. I get very disturbed at these! Lately there are so many cases. . It has just become as common as pickpocket, n ppl are treating it so too.. schools, roads, home, neighbourhood. .. No where is safe for anyone. Right from a 4yr old to 80yr..
      It boils my blood every time I think of it.

      1. A bit happy to find a similar mind. . . Only in the past year. . . 600+ rape cases were filed and in those 500+ were gang rapes. . . And my frnds father is a lawyer and he himself knew dozens of cases which were setteled in police station witout filing them. . . Where r we ging M. . . We r not hiking, but we r bcmng animals living and groping for sex, money and POWER. . . Spit on filthy human life. . .!

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