What I want in my life!!


I want to do something in life , that the world remembers
that people could talk about , 
that people I know could be proud of , 
that I could be Proud of ….

I pick up my work and think Its difficult ,
I look at the problem, I think it’s not my cup of tea
I try to reason with people working along, I think they know more than I do
I step back and think is this really what I want in my Life? 

I Sit alone think and re-think and think my re-thinking again 
and I do not have the answer to my questions ever, never!
I wake up in the morning to the ring of the bell,
there starts my monotonous routine that ends when I hit the sack,
only to wait for the bell to ring again,
and I think is this what I want in my life? 

I think of a better job, a better place to land up in
that could bring some color to my monochromatic life,
I stop, coz always the other side of the shore looks greener
Would I lose my ground in my attempt to hop across? 
and yet,  I still think, is this what I really want in my life? 

Honest answers might not make much difference, 
for life is more practical, more unpredictable 
that brings inevitable twists and turns our way,
While my fantasies are happier places and 
that is what my heart wants me to believe,
My mind thinks of all the time…
But apparently, Life is a bitch !! 
and I still don’t know what I want in my life…..



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