Smile an Everlasting Smile !!

“The Emotion that comes from Heart,
the feel of pure Happiness – Smile”

They say the most beautiful jewel one can always wear is an honest smile :). People can smile for any reason and sometimes few might even smile for no reason!! Science has proved that more facial muscles are used when we frown and it takes less than half of them to smile. When you smile at someone, it means something to both of you –might just be a ‘Hi’. Under some circumstances it might make a great difference to your life without your knowledge. Many of might have got a life partner whom we’d met with a smile for the first time.(ah!! with that thought, a few lines poured out) 

“It’s not when you looked ravishingly beautiful, that I fell in love with you,
It’s not when your beautiful eyes that trapped me,
It’s not when you said those magical words that I fell in love with you,
It’s your breathtaking smile that made me fall head over heels in love with you,
not just then, not just now but every single time, all over again!! “

The best thing about smile is that, you don’t really have to know the person to smile at him/her. Many have become friends over time just with this small gesture. Let me tell you an incident, my Aunt travels by bus to her office every day. She shared her experience to me once. She said she met this woman who used to travel in the same bus every morning; they would see each other every day when they get in the bus. After few days, they started recognizing the face and would smile at each other. Sometimes they would help other get a seat when the bus is too crowded. This continued for many days. Once as usual my Aunt smiled at the other woman, and could say easily that her response was not very convincing. She got a seat farthest from where my Aunt was sitting. My Aunt could say something is wrong with her and went to sit next to her. Later when enquired my Aunt got to know that, the lady’s husband had met with an accident and needed the AB+ blood which was not available in two of the blood banks she tried. she was going to search in the third one. She said that she needed to arrange for it as soon as possible for her husband. My Aunt immediately called her nephew who had the same blood group and arranged for it. From then on, they both have remained very good friends. That’s a happy ending we all love right!! 🙂

A smile can change your life a little bit, if not entirely! Smile at the person you meet in the lift, at someone old as your grandparent, someone who’s ill , someone who’s going thru bad times, someone who’s having a hectic schedule at work, someone you find beautiful. It does mean something to all of them. It won’t cost you anything, but at the same time, there is nothing like an honest, a genuine smile. Say, your partner or your friend is going thru a hard time or taking a hard decision; you don’t need thousands of words to express your concern. Just keeping your hand on his/hers with a smile could mean everything he/she might just need at that time that could be everything they are expecting from you. It says, ‘no matter how worse the problem is, I’m with you, and we’ll face it together!’. A fake one cannot reach the heart. If you smile at someone you know, while thinking “damn you!! It’s not your money you are showing off, it’s your father’s you idiot.” Well, that is really not a genuine smile, is it? However, sometimes people might misinterpret the smile to a snigger very easily – when they are in a bad state of mind. But, smiling is the most unselfish thing to do, when it is coming from the bottom of your heart, you can almost feel the warmth of that beautiful gesture.

That is the reason a child’s smile looks so beautiful to everyone, it comes from that unselfish little heart. There isn’t any rock that doesn’t melt to a baby’s genuine innocent smile. The kid won’t know any other feelings than just to be happy right? And be hungry, of course :).
It does not take thousand words to comfort someone or to say: ‘hey, I have got your back! All it takes is just a gesture as small, beautiful and effective as this – Smile!!! It all starts from here !! 🙂

Keep Smiling, be happy, be kind to one another, be healthy and spread happiness to the beautiful world out there.




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