Mood that swings !!


My brain is a crazy place. Usually it’s my mood which decides everything for me or rather, that affects everything I do.  Just to name a few routines that gets the impact are, the way I dress up, my makeup, the books I read, and Music I listen to, places I go, food I eat etc etc etc. so, it’s basically everything! 🙂

Mostly the reads I choose depends on my state of mind, plus the reviews I might have read about a book, or an author whose writing I Like. I like to read things that keep my spirits high, makes me happy, that connects with me and take me to the ride with the writer. As I have started to write a little bit, still taking my toddler steps in here , one thing I understand is that, you have to connect to the reader. As a reader I knew it already, but when you see from the other side, you see the expectation in an all new light.

Well, I’ll try to explain other things that makes me pick my reads, There are few works that I adore, I like the writings that are honest, you know what I mean- that are not written to just fill the pages but, those are the words that comes out of your mind, your heart, that’s is exactly what you feel about whatever you are writing. I think honest writing will reach the readers; they will be able to connect to your writing and be with you till the end of the ride. To me that is important. There is no use filling up pages with all the vocabulary you know and that makes no difference to your story or the message you want to communicate. I think choosing that is a tricky part. Few people might like the details of everything the writer is saying, like he might want to know what dress the character is wearing , or how his apartment or a hotel room looks like, which car does he own, etc. One can get into these details and be interested in all these only when you are in the story the narrator is narrating to you line by line. I have seen few readers who don’t give a crap about what color the wall paint is or how the duvet in the hotel room felt; they just want to get straight to the core of the story, as I said before it is tricky.

Also the Title plays a catchy role in the process of choosing what to read. Titles are like the bait for fishing the readers. When I see a list of reads and don’t know where to start or what to pick, a catchy title plays a very important role to me as a reader. If I see an article named ‘Story of a bulldog’ and I see the same article with a different title say, ‘I’m Snoopy: I’m a bulldog’ or ‘My name is Snoopy, here’s my story!’ it does make a difference right? Um, a little? No??  Then maybe it’s a wrong example, but you get what I’m trying to say here right?

And lastly a picture, as they say (don’t ask me who did) a picture says more than words. I would love a small picture of flawless lines describing what to expect, maybe not in a novel, but then you have cover page right? Sometimes when I’m done reading the book I turn back to the cover page and see what made the writer choose this cover to the book, how does it relate to the stuff inside it? It’s nice to figure that out on your own, makes you feel a little good about yourself.  well, that is if you succeed of course :P. If it is any article, it would be nice to see an artist bring your article to life, giving it a shape and color. Be it white and black strokes, it does convey the message and it will be the symbol or the representation of what you have read. When you remember the article or the book you’ve read, it’s this image that comes before your eyes.

Well, everyone has their own tastes of genres, favorite authors, subject of interest and state of mind. It could depend on anything. But I tell you this, reading is very good for health 🙂  mentally and physically (if you read big fat books) 🙂 . It helps you grow in lot many ways and makes you see the world in different eyes; understand many things in life that you ignored before, that could change the course of your life. I think everyone should develop the habit of reading. I LOVE Reading!!!  🙂




  1. Thank you for stopping by and give your opinion Annie. 🙂
    Yes, too many details are sometimes not necessary. But sometimes how and where you insert those details also matters, it can get boring to read the description of a room pages together. When you give little details as and when your character notices them, and few between the conversations could be interesting.

  2. I think that too many details can overwhelm the reader. Just a few interesting unique details are good and lets the reader fill in the blanks. I also love books 🙂 Annie

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