Change!! n feel the difference !!

images (4)Once you put on makeup and your favorite dress, you are a different person. Maybe it’s just me, I put on some cream , compact, darken my eyes jet Black,  touch of gloss on my lips and put on my best dress. .I feel so different, more confident!

It’s not that you have to look like movie stars or Models. When you look at the mirror at least you should feel  you are neat and presentable according to your taste of dressing of course 😉 . You should feel happy and more importantly comfortable in whatever you are wearing. Be it a new pair of shoes or pants or a changed hair color, anything! If you wear shorts and bikinis because someone else is wearing and you are not comfortable in them, your day is gone for a toss. This is something you have to take care when you go to attend  parties , outing or any function. You will be more conscious about your attire and not really enjoy your surrounding. Worse thing is, when you do that, it’s clearly seen. It’s not good sight, is it?

We Indian girls are more worried about the society, relatives, and our surrounding people. Many girls as I’ve seen here in India, wants to  try new things. Put on some bold makeup, wear killer heals like their favorite celebrities do. They can afford it, but something stops them from trying all these they deeply desire. They worry about what others might think of this change, I don’t know how I might look, what if people make fun of me,, blah blah blah,,, This is a feeling that has grown with us. Inculcated from our childhood. Luckily now a days, people in urban areas are now more open and broad-minded. With the blow of globalization and all that, now people are welcoming new changes in culture. Our new generations are being more sophisticated, bold and yet stylish in how they carry themselves.pretty pink

If you feel  you really want to try new style, get rid of your old pair of jeans and go for a nice dress, I say, if you really like it, if you are really comfortable in it, then go for it. You don’t have to look good for others, do it for yourself. There’s just one life girls, if you can’t do it now, you can do it never.  Listen to what your heart says. Learn to love and pamper yourself. (coz you know ,no one ever does. Even your guys pamper you only till they become husbands! 😛 ) When you are feeling you are little off the line or having a bad day, try shopping. Have some girl time 🙂 It really brings you happiness. Change your wardrobe, change your boring hairstyle, change your flat sandals to some nice peep toes, or wedges. Try and change your avatars, enjoy the feeling,  live life beautifully as you wish , while you can.

I do not believe if you say, you don’t like looking good!! If you compliment others for that!  why not receive some ;).  And for the 1000th time ,Life’s short pals, Live your life, don’t just exist !! ❤smile


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