Between U n Me!!







I’m laughing alone again,
I’m smiling lost in thoughts again,
I sit here alone so far and think,
I’m in love with the state of my being!
If only  life had not had it’s way,
If only I knew I would have you in my life!

I sit here and wait,
Wait for your response every second,
I know you have other things you rather do,
But  I wish I had your time for me!
I know it’s not me on your mind,
Although I wish I was the Lucky one!

Even though thousand walls stand b/w us,
Though we both know our fate’s plans,
I know that You know that I can’t be yours,
You know that I know that you won’t be mine!
But still my heart fail to listen to me,
N skips a beat every time you make me blush!

All my dreams that you starred in,
All those thoughts that made me flush,
Tons of sweetest  things you’ve said , I will never forget!
All that the world won’t understand,
I will take them with me to the grave!

Wish I could disappear in time,
Disappear with you into a world of mine,
I just see you and me , no boundaries ,no limits!
Following our hearts to our heart’s content,
Lose the track of time n around, holding hands in the freefall,
Freeze the moments and frame  them forever!!



    1. Thank You for stopping by n liking my post 🙂 . I liked the journey through your blog as well. M as new as you are here, together we grow n get better. Welcome on board my friend. I wish you good luck in your new endeavor :). Keep writing.

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