Moth n Light! !


I know you would burn me down,
Burn my wings , make me helpless and Hurt me bad,
I still come to you , to embrace your warmth
To share my love , to see the world in ur light!

I hate the burning heat ,
It hurts, makes me angry,
I want to go away and never return ,
Something inside me stops me from turning my back,
A voice says ‘heat will abate,  just wait’
N I stop, waiting,  not wanting to be away!

It happens again!
You do that again..
Burn my wings, make me helpless,
Merciless as u are,
Taking my life,
You  stand idle, burning ever so bright,
As if my life fueled you!

As I take my last breath,
Reflecting your blaze in my eyes,
Gazing at you with love,
I can feel the betrayal,loss and
The attraction you still hold for me,
I still love you!



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