Beauty of love!!

You blossom like a tulip
Beautiful,  serene, innocent,  fragile
Spreading endless love
You light up the lives
Of who lives for you.
Cares for you..
Fights for you..

You become the life
You become the beauty
You become the strength
You succeed,  you fail
You shatter, you pull it off..

Blood before everything
You put their happiness before u
Care for them all
Fight for them all
Live for them all
Until,  well until..

Until ‘he’ finds ‘you’
Loves you, more,  more n even more
Till you can no more find ‘you’ in you
Lost in the symphony of love
Until ‘you’ and ‘him’ become ‘us’!!

He becomes your world
He becomes your life
You think u can love no more
You’ve given him all
But still, there’s  more to blood!
There’s still ‘you’ in you
Who cares for them all
Fights for them all
Lives for them all…!!

You are born somewhere..
You grow up somewhere..
You end up elsewhere..
Beauty of life is,
You are surrounded by love
Everywhere ..♡♡



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