I Miss You !!

I see your face in every blink of my eye,
I see your name everywhere  and sigh!
I feel your presence in every beat of my heart,
In my life,  I doubt if you know you play an irreplaceable part,
I miss you!!

When you drew my closer,
I never knew I’d be the looser,
That magical moment when your lips touched mine..
An ocean of emotions turned into tsunami of waves,
I blushed , I trembled , I was lost, yet I wanted more. .
When I hear a symphony of love,
I miss you!!

I miss your hands holding my face,
I miss your breath warming my skin,
I miss your soft lips demanding mine,
I miss your strong arms holding me close,
I miss you, missing me!!

Where have those times gone?
Where are those lines drawn?
Why did you have to change?
Why do I have to breakdown?

You don’t belong to my world,
I don’t belong to yours,
Oh dear,  I know you won’t turn back,
But you have rooted so deep in my heart,
If we would have to be apart,
I’d have to tear my heart!
I miss you !!!



    1. U don’t believe how it sparked.
      If u wanna know…
      I was jus lying on my bed reading some blogs at 11 in the night, n this suddenly sparked in my mind. as I started to write the Words jus flew, I was Surprised at Myself That I coul
      d finish at one go publish in 30 mins.
      M glad u liked! 🙂
      Thank you for your time 🙂

      1. Ooh yeah! I know how it goes, high-five M! And stop those ” Thanks for ur time” or somthings like that.. I hope we have a long journey ahead! It cant happen all the time. . . And thanks for ur precious explination. . . Haha… I liked it..!!

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