@work !

“Unfortunately there are no shortcuts to Experience”!!
I want to think ahead of tasks in hand.  But, I just seem to fail at the attempts,  or sometimes  I just go blank. I can’t think.
My boss (he doesn’t prefer calling him so.. I still do 😛 ) thinks 10 step ahead.  what impresses me is that,  he thinks of those 10 future points for all the 10 tasks in hand in a second.
Phew!  I wanna do that. .
As I started,  unfortunately I’ll have to learn from experience or learn from HIS experiences. Even then it’s hard to even get close to thoughts of that level. 
I’ll try!!



  1. Hmmm, I can understand your situation, my dear. We are not beneath or above any individual. we have to set our own targets and reach them. Best wishes to you dear, always 🙂 ❤

  2. I have one simple way for that M (I have a habit of keeping nick names and I want to call u M). . . .
    Don’t compare with any other’s levels, then. . . U don’t have any thing before you and your level is the top one. . . Then just go on improvising it. . . Like a free bird. . . May be it works. . .

    1. Thank u so much for the thought buddy! 🙂
      But I think there should b a bar to always look up n raise your levels to. If I start thinking m the best. I may lose that zeal to push my limits.

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