For the rest of my Mornings!!!

As the morning sun pours his rays
Through the dense dark in all ways,
Spreading the first light of the day
Dipping all the leaves in a golden glow,
Hugging every tree with a warmth,
Kissing every flower good morning,

As the Birds open their feathers,
Shaking off the sleep,
Waking up to the light,
To feed the family taking the flight
Chirping their way to the dawn,

As I open my eyes with a smile,
Turning to my side I see your face,
See your beautiful eyes closed
Your face so calm, so composed
Hearing you breathe deep
Your lovely lips parted,
As you soundly sleep!

As I think of what I want,
Drawing you close,
Hugging you tight,
Kissing your eyes,
Is a good morning I want!
For the rest of my mornings,
Even on my last one!!



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