It’s not Me, it’s YOU! !


That first magical moment,
World around me went silent,
I felt my heart melt!
When I held you in my arms,
I was born again,  but not as Me !

Seeing your eyes twinkling ,
I hear wind chimes in my heart tinkling!
Seeing your godly innocent smile,
I will want to live for a while!
I see you looking at me,
I want to be a better Me!
Looking back at my journey,
Now I know, you were my destiny!
thinking of all the questions I had,
Now I know, I hold the answer in my arms!

You Made me, Me ,
I see in you, a part of Me,
And I know,  I won’t be Me,
Without my permission, 
I am not Me, Not anymore!
It isn’t about Me anymore,
It is YOU, it is all about YOU!!

You don’t know what you mean to me,
I don’t know how I deserve you!!
You are a boon from above,
You are the light of my life,
My purpose to live,
My reason to breathe,
My definition of ‘world’!

It’s not about ME, It’s all about YOU !!



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