My first international journey – sweet goodbyes

It’s been sometime I wrote something other than poems. Plus, there’s nothing like writing a journal 😉 I used to keep a journal, but coz of my lack of ability to keep things short, I need an hour to write my day. I don’t get so much time at a stretch lately. So I have stopped.
But I want to write.. I wabt to write my experiences for myself if not for anyone else, hence this initiative.  (I dunno how long I can keep up , I’ll try 😉 )
  I am travelling to Malaysia on a business trip.  This is going to be my first international trip.  I wanted to use my blog as my journal n share my experience here 🙂 I’ll try to keep it short.

As usual. … It all starts with goodbyes.

It was an emotional melodramatic see off at the bangalore air port @4.45pm on 16th of March 2015.
Both my moms (my mom, n my mother in alw)with my dear husband and my only brother in law came to the airport with me. 
The only two people missing to complete my family was my father in law and my brother. 
I didn’t know it would be emotional. Coz, I never had one before.  I said my bubyees ciaos hugs and kisses to my folks and started to drag my suitcase to the departure gate. I heard the sobs, when I saw,  my mother in law was crying!  Suddenly I didn’t understand how to react.  I wasn’t expecting this, I wasn’t Prepared.  honestly I suck at such situations.
I hugged n kissed her again.  Told her I’ll be back soon.  But then my mom started to cry too. To make it all the more worse, my husband had tears in his eyes.
Damn! I don’t understand.  I am only going for 15 days.  I know it’s an unknown City, culture, food and people and all of that. But m not going to wild forests of Africa where survival is impossible. .  Hmph!
I told my husband to take care of my moms.   Without much delay.  I said goodbyes again n started towards the counters.  I couldn’t manage to console them.

Got my boarding pass,  checked in my bag.  Went near the gate again.  They all were still there.  Waving at me, my mom with both hands, like 5 year old.  I couldn’t help a smile and I felt something churning inside my tummy. 
I had to collect my visa at chennai and then catch a flight to Kl . Now, My flight was to Chennai. I would reach at 7pm. I have my flight to KL from there at 12.30.

Time now is 6.41pm. It’s a beautiful twilight at the horizon. 


Almost about to taxi down!
Will keep u posted! 



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