Kuala lumpur – My first international journey

I landed at kl airport at 4.30 India time. That is 7 am Malaysia time.  Waited for my boss. He was coming directly from Bangalore. We were to meet at the airport. It was a very uncomfortable flight journey.  I was dog tired. It was going to be a very long day. I met him after 15 min of wait.  We rented a taxi to the hotel. It was an hour’s journey.  I felt the roads were wide and clean,  the trees on both sides,  many cars I didn’t recognise,  different infrastructure. There was bad traffic from just 300 Meters from the hotel.  We could see the hotel, if not for the luggage,  I would have just got down and walked.
Checking in was another drama,  maybe I’ll write bout it some other time. 
We didn’t go to the office as it was late but we had too much work.  Finally I slept at 12 in the night.  It’s been crazy days since Monday. 
Not finding time to even call home. By the time I finish work,  the day is gone. 
I have no freaking idea how 4 days have passed.


This building is just Magnificent.  Loved it! 

I kinda like this city. M staying in the heart of the city. Maybe the very happening place.  Walkable to the twin Tower/ KLCC is also called petrona Towers. Except for humidity,  I can’t think of a thing to not like it here. At least until now. 
Hope I get time to write again. 
It’s 12 already, I am drained, supposed to be meeting my boss and another senior at 7 am for breakfast.  Phewww!!



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