Rhythm of rain!!


When it rains, my soul celebrates,
As if drops from the skies
Washing away my worries
Just along with my make up!

As if the pure droplets
Are making me pure
Wounds finding their cure!

My soul dances within,
Uniting in the celebration,
As the grey sky veils the earth,
Soothing her down,  calming her wrath!!

For happiness of pure bliss sinks in,
My eyes close on their own,
Lips curving at the corners,
As I smile from within,
Surrendering myself to the bliss
The child in me resurrects!!

Losing myself,  forgetting everything else,
I feel like the wind,  lighter in all sense,
I go back to my younger self,
To hell with the world,
To hell with worries,
To hell with all judging eyes!

This is my moment of love
Love with nature,
And I embrace it with open arms
Marveled at nature’s charms,
My soul dances again
To the rhythm of rain! !



  1. Desperately waiting for Rain.. i feel drenched reading your Rain. Its taking me back to good old school days.
    Lov the smell of the first rain. it is a rythm definately!!
    you have nicely penned it.

  2. Second poem about rain in one day. Missing rain? But now summer has come with scorching heat, season of mangoes n watermelons, my fav. 😀

    1. Haha.. yea! This one is latest. I had “when it rains” drafted sometime ago. jus thought I’d post it 🙂 summer has come so one can miss rains.. When it is rainy season, I’d want some warm rays! Well, thats how it is . Isn’t it? Balance! ! 🙂 you’ll get your hands on ur fav fruits soon!! Enjoy!

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