Beauty of Rains in capital ! ! -Kuala lumpur

Hop-on Hop off buses in KL are the double decker busses with half open roof at the second level. These busses takes you through the entire City stopping at 23 places in the trip. One trip Costs you 45 ringgits. You get these buses every 20-30 min. Starts at 10am n ends at 8 pm. You can choose to get down at any place look around, spend time, talk, walk, click pictures and wait at the same stop to hop on another one of these double deckers! 

One of these days Myself and my friend had hopped on to one of these busses.  We didn’t actually plan the trip , we just got down wherever we felt like and spent some time. There was a moment when we were enjoying the  weather,  it started to drizzle. All others who were on the open roof with us went inside the bus. I had all the intentions to drench 🙂 I told my friend, ” let’s not go in”  and we were team- to be called crazy 😉


The sky was dark grey against the light white sky high buildings. The wind started to blow faster, speeding up the tempo of droplets.  I lifted my face to the sky. I love to do that when it rains, but this time the drops were so big and heavy,  it almost started to feel like  they were slapping my face. There by messing up the liner and kohl on my eyes,  making me look like a zombie.  Not that i could do much about it, But I guess that didn’t matter!


Rains in KL are so beautiful. They are unexpected and takes you by surprise. Not that the people aren’t prepared.  They all are very used to this surprise and are always ready with their jackets or pretty umbrellas! The bridges are well planned in the city, where they have good support of cement blocks like the pavements made beneath the bridge to support the elevation, so the soil erosion doesn’t make it weak. They also have little narrow channels running down from elevated places. These look very beautiful when they have rain water coming down amid the green plants around.  Amongst many things I loved about this city, rains are definitely the best.  The plants and trees get showered in rain, and they look amazingly beautiful in the morning when the first rays of the sun falls on them.  Every leaf looks glazing, shiney, as if they have the most beautiful flawless texture of skin with the best moisturiser on that makes them look fragile and soft. The Green in them appear darker and fresh. It’s an amazing experience to watch them glistening in the warm sun.


We were entirely showered in the rain, looking like idiots to the people on the roads. Also our fellow passengers might have thought- we lost it. But we couldn’t care less.  When it almost became too much to handle we went back inside the bus, looking like two drenched cats.
Obviously we couldn’t continue the ride. We planned to hop off  near by our hotel.
There ends our little tour !
And  here’s my effort to depict rains! in a poem  🙂



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