Let me be!!


Don’t hold me tight
When I want to fly!
Don’t pull me down
When I want to climb!

My thoughts are high
Beyond the sky
My dreams are big
Beyond your reach!

My thoughts become words
They want to flow out
And reach the world!
I scream out loud
Throwing my voice to the cloud
No one hears,ย  I get no response!

I see nothing around,  nothing but dark
I realise,ย  I am buried
Deep in the abyss
Deep in the dark, with no light
But I have hope!

I see the silhouettes moving around me
Stripping me through their stares
Every glare piercing my soul
Like thousand needles
My blood boils, my soul bleeds!

I want to scream
Tell them all my dream
Don’t bare my body
Bare my feelings
Don’t strip my clothes
Strip my thoughts
For my beauty lies within my soul
Not in my flesh and skin!

Don’t hold me tight
I want to fly!
Don’t pull me down
I can climb high!
I don’t want your empathy
I don’t want your mercy
Set me free, let me be!!



    1. Aww.. Thank you soooo much Malviika. It makes me feel really warm at heart and its overwhelming. I am very glad you liked my work. thanks ton for stopping by and spending your precious time to read my work.
      Love , โค

    1. Ha ha.. actually it is..I had to edit last four lines is all. Was pretty spontaneous .. took less than 30 min. – (now m boasting , am i not๐Ÿ™ˆ)

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