Never ending Tea!! – my first international journey – KL


One of these evenings when I got back to the hotel in KL , I was a little  tired  more  because I had all signs of getting Migraine (love of my life, whether I like it or not). I thought fueling my  system may help – and it does sometimes. Rather than wandering to hunt a new place where we vegetarians can survive, myself and my friend decided to stick to one of the four restaurants in our hotel itself . A Chinese cuisine.

When we went inside the restaurant,  a pretty lady in black  with a blue cat-eyeliner came to us with her practiced plastic smile – stretching her blushed cheeks , now faded red lipstick on her lips – welcomed us at the door. The place was pretty much empty except for one table . Surprisingly she asked us, “do you have a reservation?” . I was almost about to ask “what for?”  instead, my friend answered “no, we don’t”.  She then  took us to a table of 6 which was almost in the middle of the hall.
Then another lady came and gave us the menu. She was in a golden bronzy dress with short shrug in the same color; the border for neck down the length of the shrug was in black. She had thin framed specs on her eyes with a cute chin level short, straight and dark hair.

I looked at the menu- I hate this part about all the fancy places. The menus are so big, like a photo album. Color full, thick sheets, glossy pictures of course a grand binding and a looonngg list of never ending dishes – which most if it I had no clue of. The vegetarian section would be very short; I was used to it by now. But that day, I really didn’t have the patience to even go through the small list. I told my friend that I would eat the noodles we once had in the same place.  Hence, Main dish was taken care of 🙂 But I needed something to get into my tummy almost immediately.

I thought some tea would do. I remembered the last time we were there a waitress tried to explain few different kinds of teas and we had tasted 3, Jasmine, Oolong, Pu’erh . This time I wanted to try a different one, then the waitress with blunt hair – who’s English was Greek to me and whose name I later got to know as Lay Peng- tried to give me some names I clearly didn’t understand. I guess she understood that I didn’t understand, she cleverly went and brought me a ‘Tea Menu’.
I sighed. Another problem! The tea menu itself was about 6 long pages 😦 . I just tried to pick one randomly, but the explanation below every kind of tea caught my eye. I quickly went thru them and picked the one which had something to do with Dragon well, plainly coz it sounded interesting.


 Finally, we ordered a soup, some noodles, a bitter gourd gravy (my fav veggie, and I made my friend eat that too 🙂 ) and some plain sticky rice.

I was restless; though I tried to play it low I am sure I did not do a good job at it. I tried to get some pictures of the place. The place had Wooden roof with intricate self-designs, there was a portrait hanging on a wall from right across my seat. Just the wall behind the portrait was painted black, to contrast with the wooden frame of the portrait and other walls. I clicked pics with my phone. My cell’s camera is not that great, but that was enough to distract myself.


As we were talking, Lay Peng came with a pot of hot water and a cup full of tea leaves. I did not bother finding any flavor, just started to drink my tea as soon as she filled my cup.
Then we got talking again. We both realized our cups were empty only when Lay Peng came outta nowhere and started refilling our cups, I have no idea where she was but she was quick. The way you use that tea is little different and easy. You have to pour hot water onto the tea leaves, stir it a little just so flavor of the tea leaves is mixed with water, then pour into your cup.  I drank my second cup, food didn’t arrive yet. Our talks from project to, next steps to sitcoms continued. We finished our third cup and the next second Lay Peng was next to us, this time both of us understood that she had all the intentions to make us drink the entire pot. I wanted to play along 😉 By then, we got our soups. Unfortunately, they served Prawn soup instead of hot n sour, my friend stopped me just when I was about to drink. The lady in black came again and apologized sweetly and said she’d get our soups in a min. although I was starving, I controlled my emotions and tried to be nice. I read her name plate ” Yvoni, no problem at all. Don’t worry about it”.
This meant our soups were delayed. But definitely not our Lung Ching Tea!!   Our 4th cup was ready. I couldn’t sit quiet. I took my cup and filled the prawn soup cup with the tea to empty it and I did the same with my friend’s cup as well (let’s call him Joe).  We waited for a second and she was there the next second. I couldn’t stop laughing. Joe was giving me looks “don’t do that!” I continued,   I would drink my tea and Joe’s as well. He was asking me to stop it.  The pot finally got empty. Lay Peng came again and took the empty pot inside. I sighed “ah, looks like that’s the end of it”. But Joe said “my worry is that, she might come back with a fresh pot”. We were laughing and Lay Peng did live to Joe’s expectations. She came back with a fresh pot of water. By this time the tea leaves were almost dead and tasteless. She would pour the water on now tasteless leaves and to our cups. Joe looked at me and we couldn’t stop laughing!!!  He said “this is exactly like an episode form a sitcom called Seinfeld – where Newman says “The mail never stops! it just keeps coming and coming and coming!!”  He showed me the clipping as well, I think it was funny!  We laughed out loud. He said “maybe we should call this” tea never stops Coming’ “.


I am not kidding. We had almost 9-10 cups of tea. She never stopped serving us. How can someone think of serving anyone 10 cups of tea, back to back? She did not even bother to ask us if we really wanted more. Haha 🙂  By then our food arrived! My bladder was about to burst. But I had to eat.


At the end of the meal Joe helped me take a pic with Lay Peng, we didn’t forget to thank her for giving this experience to share !  🙂



  1. I couldnt stop myself from laughing out aloud… after reading that u were servered back to back with 9 to 10 cups of tea 🙂
    Lay Peng was trying to distract you with her tea :P, see you never spoke about your migraine again 😀
    Joe – Nice name 😉

  2. Haha tea menu was 6 long pages :D. Just wondering how come you sipped 10 cups of tea:P nice read:) b/w you captured all this in your journal during your visit or you have written this today ? Iv asked so because you captured ever tiny detail :))

    1. 😂yes! It was 6 pages Upen! Haha.. Guess we were on a roll😜.
      No journal entries. Blog has become my journal now a days 🙂 I jus had the pics. My friend insisted me to write this and the pics came handy! 😊

      1. Wow!! Blog has become your journal:D You described every tiny detail and I’m impressed:) I should learn how to write such long articles:( I’m not good at it..

        1. Lol..😂😂 look at the irony! I want to cut short and learn to say so much as you do in few words. My problem is I CANNOT write anything in SHORT! 🙈
          Thank you so much for the compliments! 😊

            1. Well it is just that we always strive to improve. Something we are not so good at, we appreciate if someone is good at it and we want to learn it. Maddy has described it in so detail that it surely can become a guide 🙂

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