I am different! !


I like black
She likes Blue
I like chocolates
She likes ice cream
I want to walk in the sun
She wants to dance in the rain
I want to climb up a mountain
She wants to immerse in an ocean
I love the beats of drums
She loves the music of a river
I am different
So is she!

We are the same blood
We are sisters
Bonded for life
I love her
She loves me more
We live together
We laugh together
Grew up as one!

But, I am different
So is she
So are you
So is each one, under the sun
Accept my difference
Accept me !
For I am not you
You are not me!

How hard is it toΒ  endure?
How hard is it to embrace?
Why compare?
Why despair?
I am different
So are you!


18 thoughts on “I am different! !

  1. and our differences are what make this world so beautiful, how we can all be one but all be different at the same time, wonderful!!! I love this poem, very well done, thank you. Michelle

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