Solkadi – A soulful drink!

Myself and my friend went this palce called ” ‘Mahesh lunch home’ for dinner, it’s very next to my office. 
I had not been there in a long long time. We just walked to the place. A tall guy in dark grey outfit opened the door and welcomed us in. There were tiny bulbs in a strip stuck along the entrance step which lead to a small space before we reached two fights of stairs on the left with black granite steps. A small yellow light was fixed along the wall at every step and that was all  the light in the space. It made the place look more simple  yet very warm.
The interior was dark and the place looks like its in an attic mainly because the height of the room is not more than 10ft .
We picked a near by table. A big menu was filled with sea food, Oh by the way!  This place known for exquisite sea food. As vegetarians we didn’t hav many options and thanks to my friend for picking the dishes before hand. Some apams, neer dosa and veggies plus masala papad and this drink I tried for the first time called ‘Solkadi’ andddd we were good. 

We started filling the silence with talks bout our project and in between my blog and how people don’t want to learn or do anything new, blaming the Indian education system. Then came our main course and the talks continued.

At the end of our meal came our drink.  It was light pastel plum in colour. The glasses looked perspirated coz of the chilled drink inside. My friend always says writing is not that easy, and I disagree. He says not everyone can express the feelings.  I say that is because they won’t try. So, now I asked him to explain how the drink tasted. He denied, I insisted.
He said ” its cold, and spicy” . Then it was my turn. I took some more sips before I could come up with my explanation.  Actually  it was mild in the begging,  spicy when it’s on your tongue, it tickles the taste buds with sour flavour in the end but a little after few seconds it feels sweet.

My friend suddenly came up with his super-crazy-connecting-the-dots talent.  Its like life: mild when you are a child,  spicy when you are young, sour when adult and when you look back in the end its all sweet! Its not Solkadi, it’s SOUL-KADI like hindsight of life.
I thought it was really interesting. 🙂


Solkadi is a very flavorful drink made with kokum and coconut milk with ginger/ garlic paste to give it a spicy tinge. Usually served after the meal because of its digestive qualities. A very famous drink in the Konkan area of India.
You should definitely try when you get a chance! Good for Soul ;):)



      1. Yes, but my mobile camera is not able to capture the gist of dish. All dish look alike. I will soon post some recipes. Planning to come up with a new camera, pretty soon.

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