Let’s make it better, together!


Why always think the other side is greener
Let’s water our side, make it more warmer
If you believe  others do better
Give me a chance , you will repent never
I am innocent unless proven guilty!

Your glass window is masked with pouring rain
don’t wait for the rain to stop in vain
Reach out, wipe the glass and wait
For the vision becomes clear as crystal
You will see the potential
I am guilty unless proven innocent!

For, the foundation of every relationship is TRUST!
For, the world is living together in  BELIEF!
All that is making you promise tomorrow is HOPE!

Lets create new path , enlighten it
With the wax of trust, thread of belief
Light it with the fire of Hope!
We can glow bright
We can grow right
Hold hands tight, for every link is a must
let them clink, see the magic in a blink!

Hear the shouting voice “yes, we can!”
Let the Oceans only divide lands, not Unity
There’s one goal, one destination,one dream
Live a better today, create a better tomorrow
Let us not fight for a lion share
Instead,  Grow the pie enough to share
Enough to spare !
Let’s Unite again, be the best again!



    1. Thank you so much Nimmi 🙂 I was a lil confused to select a pic. I was thinking I should have something to depict hope, but then the first two lines caught my eye. I was lil hesitant to post this one. M glad it is not off! 🙂

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