Violent Love!!

Staring at her from  distance
He measures his plans
Fixing his gaze on her
He knows she is the one
Why? Why does she stand out?
Is it destiny? Is it attraction?
He knew, it was his thirst!

Her eyes gleaming, She is beautiful
She is attentive , playful
He sees her playing with her little one
She is caring, careless
She’s lively,  She’s  perfect!

His muscles tighten
He sees only her
Everything else is a blur
He starts to move
Careful, not to give her a clue
She is distracted, running behind her little one!

Now is the time
He starts to run
Heart pounding against his ribs
Kicking the ground with all his strength
All his instincts guiding him
He has been here before
He has done this before
He loves this game!

Extending his arms
He hugs her from behind
She jerks at his touch
He holds her close as she tries to lose
He caresses her neck
Breathing in her scent
A smile on his face radiant!

Feeling Her heart fighting to beat
He pulls her tight with all his might
Baring  his teeth, sinking into her flesh
Tasting her blood, quenching his thirst
The lion beams at the sky
As the deer collapses to the ground!


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