The Wait!

As the bright rays egress from the East
I wake up from my sleep
Yawning and stretching
Opening my eyes gently
I can feel his rays warming my body!

As He keeps getting brighter
He thinks I am stronger
I feel my body getting pierced
The now burning sun beamed!

I look for her in vain
But she shows me no sign
My heart feels heavier
I give up , I burn
I know she will come, We will meet
I look up, ready to greet
My heart skips a beat
Clouds are getting darker
and there’s thunder!

I open my arms facing the sky
She comes down ever so gently
Her every touch is a bliss
She drenches me with her kiss
I surrender to her completely
Spreading Happiness  unconditionally!

Everyone looks at my beauty, smiles at me
I beam at them with her on me
As I feel more lighter
She lingers on me shining brighter
Oh, I am the Rose, she’s the Drizzle!




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