Just Once!!


In the middle of the night
Up in the dark sky
I see the only star
I know that’s you
Looking for me!

You were the light in my world
You went into darkness
leaving me in one
You disappeared
so did my Universe!

Now I’m clueless, I’m blind
Of present, of future
Of whats’, of whys’, of hows’
I want you back, here and now
come back to life, Into my life
Guide me, walk me, talk to me
Just once!

I see your face
I hate that you don’t talk
I can smell you
I hate that I can’t touch
I can feel you
I hate that you are not around
I want to hug you tight and never let go
Come back to me
Just once!

The void kills me cell by cell
Knife of silence slice through my heart
I bear the scar till it stops to beat
With Your face etched in my eyes
Your words ringing in my ears
With You on my mind
I am dying a thousand deaths
with every breath
I beg you, come back to me
Just once!

In loving memory of my lost world
This one’s for you Granny!♡


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