Immense Immortal!!


You are so Vast
So Deep yet so Still
You are so Blue
So Green yet so Colorful
You are so Menacing
So Blissful yet so Calm
You are so Powerful
So Serene yet so Fragile!

No one knows your heart, your deep  secrets
No one can measure your patience, describe your beauty
You are so marvelous , delight to the eyes
Such a kind ravishing beauty
Your Waves plays an un-composed music
That brings joy, happiness and peace!

I was in your lap
Riding the soft waves you would throw,
You played along, rocking me up and down
like a mother would do
I never could imagine the joy
The ecstasy I felt  in your arms
when you surrounded me !

I felt so powerful
Yet very negligible
I felt so peaceful
Yet very anxious!

Do you smile at us
when we claim you are ours?
Do you laugh out loud when
we claim to conquer you?
How silly of us mortals!

You are much more than just water
A Menacing Disguised killer
A Caring Protective Mother
The epitome of beauty
An immense immortal!

You can find more about my experience with this immortal beauty here. Drop by , your thoughts are always welcome  🙂 



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