I Witness it all !!


I stand tall day and night
I witness the beauty of rain
I can feel the cloud touching me
Feel the burning sun
Feel the cool breeze on a full moon
I witness it all!

Chats, midnight walks
Whispers , giggles of lovers
Sometimes fight, sometimes romance
I know everyone’s secret
I keep it to myself
I witness it all !

Exchange of feelings
Spilling of guts
I know their lives
The cries, laughs, kisses and hugs
Broken hearts, innocent smiles
Happy faces, wrinkled faces lost in thoughts
I witness it all!

Selfies, group-fies, posses
In all the pictures
It is just me who shines
It is the memories we share
They take away , I hold on
I witness it all!

People come, admire me, praise me
Click snaps, share moments
And they are gone!
But I am here for them
Morning, evening, night, midnight
Just all the time
I bathe in rain washing away the dust
As the sun rises
I feel the  rays as I get ready for the show
As the sun sets
I lit up and I am ready for another !
I am here and I Witness it all!

Here’s my version of thoughts!



  1. This is incredible!! 🙂 Love how u wrote this from the point of view of the Twin Towers’. Thank you for liking my posts 🙂 I’ve nominated you for Infinity Dream Award and Versatile Dream Award. Do have a look and write 7 facts about your self according to the guide lines of the game. Happy Blogging!!
    Thank you.

        1. Haha.. all of them were very unique experiences, my first times and I don want them to fade away. Since, I hav stopped writing my journal, my blog is the alternative. More over I want to share them with you all 🙂
          I can think of some more, I should make some time. Basically, m trying to tell you that don’t be surprised to see another kl post ! 😉 😛

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