I want to disappear
But you hold me glued
A sparrow in a snakes eye
I see you seeing me
I know  you are a murderer!

I lost you in a blink
Heart fluttering like a butterfly
Mind intoxicated in your presence
But, I still feel your gaze
Boiling my blood, burning my skin!

That smile on your face is not legal
That lust in your eyes is  a criminal
That glowing face is an outlaw
Those strong arms are menacing
I know you are a murderer!

In a second I am stolen
I don’t want to fight
You don’t demand
I want to give in
But I restrain!

Don’t touch me like that
I will be ruined
Don’t hold me like that
I will be crushed
Don’t you kiss me like that
I will lose my mind
I knew you were a murderer!
And now I am happily dead!



    1. Hey, thank you for the nomination Amrit.
      Very exciting to accept this challenge. .lemme see how I do! It is definitely not going to be easy to post 5 consecutive posts. . I’m going to try my best. 🙂 thanks again buddy.

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