Façades !!


I have seen façades
Hatred behind smiles
Screams behind silence
Unfriendly friends
Cold beneath warm
I know,  You don’t do it to me
Coz I know you
Or do I?

I respect emotions
Seen people faking it
Using it to advantage
The face I see is calm
The one I don’t is furious
I know, You don’t do that to me
Coz I trust you
Or should I?

Every time heart made a
There has been a scar in return
In this cynical world
Mind says trust no one
Heart says, I am healing
Still able to share love
Go ahead make a decision!

You may hide behind façades
Fake all your Emotions
But you can’t hide from yourself
if trust can’t be trusted
The world loses all values
Be true show your real hues!



  1. Yeah, we can’t hide from ourselves.

    Trust is like quenching thirst.
    If we don’t trust..someday our mind will burst.So,we end up trusting people.:).

    Trust only those who doesn’t judge you and who keeps all their secrets deep inside their heart.

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