Day 2 – quote challenge

Here’s my second quote

“When words fail to serve their purpose
Silence does the job”

-me again 🙂



  1. Really ?
    I do not think so
    Silence would not achieve anything but pain, confusion, hatred, bitterness, suffer !

    How would silence do its job ?

    1. Hey Bhanu, thanks for stopping by.
      Is nice to see another view. Well, here’s what I think. .

      You might suffer, but you would’ve opted silence only not to hurt your loved ones with words. If you don’t care you’ll anyway burst it all ou.t. When you don’t know wha t’s the right thing to say n fill it with silence the other person usually interprets as however they want to. It’s better than anything that comes outta ur mouth that might cause a bigger damage.

      1. Well then you need to work on your vocab and control to express the feelings or views in right form.

        Sometimes, very rare times being silent might help and that too during a fight as you said, but you know it is always better to bounce back after a while and fix it.

        You see silence wouldn’t achieve anything. It won’t fix the problem let alone not let it grow. So you might have to take some step. Sometimes silence take wrong route and keep people away for longer than required. Sometimes someone has to step forward and vomit it out and apologize. Sometimes silence is not the reason for overall good but ego.

        So yeah silence might help but it should be purely a momentarily pause and it should not be a reason because of ego, anger, hatred etc. It is should be a pure simple and clear pause to avoid a outburst (which I think at times it is ok for outburst, cos letting things grow inside might eventually end up volcanic).

        So may be this again is not a universal law!
        But u see I doubt a bit on “Being Silence Helps Factor”

        1. Woah woah buddy! ! You’ve got it all differently. . I’m all for pouring out your heart. N when I say ‘silence’ , it is as you said could be a ‘ mere pause’ . I never said keep silent and drift, one has to bounce back. But I think we both are talking bout different ‘ silence’ here my friend. M not sure bout you, but I have experienced “silence-helping-better-than-words” many a times in life. 🙂
          Let’s agree to disagree n move on! 😉

          1. Sure
            I do agree with you
            As I said there is no universal law
            Each behave as quantum’s 😉

            In the end if silence has worked as a great solution keeping you and other party happy, then so be it.

            And I am sure you are cool irrelevant of the topic 😀 so I do agree and understand what you say 🙂

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