An Evening in the cab – tryin to bounce back!

It’s been a while I wrote anything.  The last was a poem for a friend as a birthday gift. I have a list of topics I’ve been procrastinating writing on. Every time I pick them, either I’m not in the frame of mind or I find a distraction.

Even now I’m Clueless about what to write, but I want to get started again with something. So, here I am sitting in my cab on the way back home blurting out whatever comes in my head.
I’ll go ahead with one of my favourite things about the city I live in -weather.  I know I must have mentioned about it in my posts earlier,  but I can’t help! If there’s one thing that every Bangalorean loves, it’s the climate .
It has rained a few min ago and the roads look neatly washed.  I see a dull orange light evident on the trees and buildings.  The setting sun must be a view not to miss.  The air is cooler  and of course polluted. Still I like to roll down that window and feel the cold air  against my face. It’s beginning to overcast -blanketing the sky  making the roads look more brighter in the city lights .


Oh, the small two towers you see? That’s  Bengaluru’s version of Petronas .. haha..
It’s an apartment building called “Sterling”.
After witnessing the real monster beauty this looks like a joke. I’ll try to post a good picture of that next time.


Sigh!  All I dread for now is a hot cup of Masala Chai and My Mom-to have a girl time with her, like best friends #strongwish. Laugh on silly things that happens in life, bitch about others, talk about Men, make that shopping list, discuss those new sarees and who’s got new jewels #mymomsfav .. duh!

#Back to reality. Going home to nothing! Making myself that tea or maybe not, sit and watch out the window waiting for the rains!!




  1. Lately I have been on the same route
    Not in the right frame of mind
    yet lot of thoughts to write about
    It is may be we want to give quality
    and make the readers happy and delighted
    I am sure once you are back, you will rock
    so awaiting for some more words from you
    I will take some time until I come back
    and I will come back in better shape 🙂
    Good to see you.

    1. You are right. To me, I should gel that I have given justice to my honest thoughts. Can’t wow and post just for the heck of it or jus coz I have taken a long break. I’m crawling my way back on track. Thank you for your encouragement.
      Take a good break and bounce back soon buddy.
      Thank you for dropping by.
      Take Care.

  2. While the rain showers
    You click the towers
    You opened the window
    And felt the cool breeze
    To be at ease
    You want to have tea
    With aunty?

    Thank god!! Atleast the rain made you to post something.


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