The change up jobs!!

What if for one day or a week you could switch your job with anyone.  Just ANY JOB in the world.  A Software Developer to Milk Man,  sales girl to a Tailor, doctor to a driver,  chef to a hair stylist,  librarian to a postman, receptionist to a cheerleader, priest to a pilot,  lecturer to a vegetable seller, a cobbler to a diamond merchant..(assume one possess the talent to do the other job) just anything , how would it be? 
Ah ha, mind you, you get paid for the work you do for the duration you do!


If you get too burnt in the job you are at,  if it feels monotonous and you need a break or a change more than just a break,  I think this is a great idea (Of course in my imaginary crazy world). I think it gives you a different view of the world too. 
Hypothetically say, if I just stop doing my job and say become a housekeeper from tomorrow, I will know what pains they go through to keep things clean for others. I may learn to respect them more (I do btw 🙂 ) I may understand the limitations they have coz of the limited salary they get, I may stop cribbing bout my job, I may start being responsible about expenses.
All in all, I think everyone would get a break.

It’s 1.45 Am veryyyyyy early Monday morning.  I’m not sure why I am writing this.  And I dunno where sleep is.  Still it was an interesting thought I wanted to share.

Sleep where are you? ? Engulf me! !!
On second thoughts,  am I sleep writing? ? Duh!!



  1. Good
    We can sometimes talk to people fairly and we learn truth of life
    Being simplistic and getting along people we realize few things in life that touch us and make us more concerned and kind person

    You are already one.

    There is a job called ‘temp’
    They do all sorts of job just like the ones you described sometimes it is hell of a luck to be experiencing it

    Anyway back to boring job, want a change. May be think of the poor and be happy about yourself or may be not

    The internal drive of that change is necessary and if it is happening may be it is a signal and time to do things differently n different things

    Or may be it is just life
    Eat ice cream
    Drink coco
    Watch cartoons
    Enjoy Music
    Happy Weekends

    Sleep is in right behind the door to be opened and you are waiting to be knocked 😀

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