Full Moon Night!


We sat watching this very horizon
Pondering how was the moon born
You explained,  God took a plain canvas
drew a circle and filled in white
Lazy to search any color bright
He Made him shine
Amid billion stars shining in vain!!

The full Moon shone bright
Spreading the moonlight
With You Me and the dark night
So beautiful was the sight
There You made promises
You didn’t keep right!!

You promised to hold me tight
On every full moon night
You promised to Kiss me
Through the night
On every full moon night
I desire to end this wait
I am missing you tonight!!

Cool breeze touching my skin
Reminds me of you
Watching the empty sky alone
Reminds me of you
Dry lips in the reflection of mirror
Reminds me of you!!

You made me wait
till my anticipation ended
Wait till my eyes got tired
Till the flowers I got died
It is another full moon night
I am waiting for you tonight
And the moon still shines bright!!



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