I did not believe
All those fairy tales
All those miracles
Creator or the creation!!

Ever since I knew
You would come in my life
I spent Every day of mine
Thinkingย  Imagining
Everything about you!!

How would you look?
How would you speak?
Anxious, worried
Would you like me like I do?
Would you hold my hand?
Would you understand me like I do?

I feel your presence every second
My heart races with you on mind
As I look out to the stars
I am now as sure as their existence
You will be part of my life forever
I will love you and leave you never!!

And when I saw you in my arms
All that wait was worthwhile
All that pain never mattered
You are the miracle I witnessed
A fairy touching my life
I thank the Creator for Creating me
For you were Born with a part of me!!




  1. Wonderful Maddy. Super piece of emotions and thoughts.
    The innocence and charm in this post is the speciality of you and when I am back after a long time, I realize how much I have missed on WP. A lot of wonderful posts and thoughts around ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank u Bhanu, very sweet of u to say that. This one is my come back too. Haven’t been here in the last two months. N so I understand what u have missed.
      where have u been ??

      Take care

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