Until next time this day!

I was there four years ago
You told me all that changed
Everything in the universe change over the days
Just like everything In and around you over the years
Nothing is insignificantly negligible
For all that in a way touches your life
Seasons change flowers die, comets destroy
People change, needs change
Happiness change, so does sadness
feelings becomes emotions
Dreams become reality
More become friends,  allies and enemies
More does eyes see, more goes into treasures of memories
I am here today after the last leap
Fill me in with all that changed
I will be here with you next time
To know what has changed in time!
Until then, live, celebrate and treasure!!


        1. There are so many! I am just enjoying my tour in your blog.. i see a different color a different view in each one. they are vivid. n i like it.
          I will comment on them buddy!
          just keep finding a new place!

      1. Yes, check out your Poems. I still remember the first post I read, the Coffee one, some of your posts, which come after a gap are really insightful.

        Well at least for me, may be because I can connect to the words and see the big picture 😀

        1. Wow! Bhanu.. Really appreciate the observation 😊. My thoughts are mostly deep, I’m not sure it is good or bad but I can’t help it. Jus like your ability to see the big picture.
          All with different abilities, interesting. Isn’t it?!.

          1. Don’t evaluate things on good or bad. There is only thoughts 🙂

            It is all wonderful to read and express. So keep going !

            Yes all different, yet together in the family of WP 🙂

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