A night to remember! !



In this bright full moon night
With you in my sight
I’m bewitched,  lust in a love’s deceit
Like the waves attracted to moon
Like bees makes the flower bloom
I’m your lover you are my boon!!

As the Ocean swells and spreads in the full moon night
My heart feels like a flying kite
This wicked mind is a sire
With the breeze singing in a choir
My body burns with sweet desire
I Wait for that Moonance to put off this fire
Let’s make this a night to remember
Let’s complete the picture together
Of this most beautiful day ever!!

For anyone who’s not read my previous post
And if you are wondering what Moonance means, here it is
Moonance = Moon + Romance

Thanks to my friend who came up with this new word 🙂  I am having so much fun using it 🙂 
PS: thank you 🙂

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