Will you be my Valentine? Again?!!


I saw your smile the first time
I knew it was going to be mine
When I went on my knees
Asking you for a prize
I never thought I would win
You looked into my eye
Said YES with shy

I held u in my arms
Like a precious thing on earth
Kissed you until out of breath
Swept you off the feet
You giggled in my ears
Listening to my heart beat

Since that day to this
I have loved you every bit
Fallen in love like how I did
Every time like the first

My hair has turned grey
This body has turned frail
I cannot go down on my knees
Nor carry u in my arms
But this love of mine
Is Like the fine wine
Will you be my Valentine.. Again?



I did not believe
All those fairy tales
All those miracles
Creator or the creation!!

Ever since I knew
You would come in my life
I spent Every day of mine
Thinking  Imagining
Everything about you!!

How would you look?
How would you speak?
Anxious, worried
Would you like me like I do?
Would you hold my hand?
Would you understand me like I do?

I feel your presence every second
My heart races with you on mind
As I look out to the stars
I am now as sure as their existence
You will be part of my life forever
I will love you and leave you never!!

And when I saw you in my arms
All that wait was worthwhile
All that pain never mattered
You are the miracle I witnessed
A fairy touching my life
I thank the Creator for Creating me
For you were Born with a part of me!!


Together we can!!


What you cannot fight alone
Together we can
Alone you can fail
Together we won’t
Let us dream bigger
Grow together
Help each other
Work hard, party harder
Fight our own fears
Beat our own success
There is a leader within us
Let’s unleash him
And lead from within
For Success isn’t a destination
But a pit stop of celebration
Before we set on
Yet another Journey!
Yet another Success!!
Yet another Party!!!
Together we Can!!!



 I have dreams
 Each of vivid colours
 Each of different size
 Emotions, People, Feelings
 keep popping and Bursting
 Mind you...
 I'm not scared...
 I keep dreaming.. ...
 More Mightier and more colours!!

Castle of flowers!!


I planted a seed
Every time I thought of you
So I could welcome you with flowers
Now I have a garden
A bridge made of flowers for you
I can build a castle too
But I see you still debating
My Castle would be empty without you!!

Here’s my first post from my self initiated Howisee series to see things from a different perspective and try to make a story of your own.

Feel free to give your comments and feedbacks, there’s always room for improvement!

How I see…!!

I’m planning to come up with a new series of writing. I pick any random picture and write something about it.  Since my poems or articles are usually very long,  I’m challenging myself to write short.. in Less than 10 sentences. 

Feel free to contribute, try this challenge for yourself; have fun and share with me too.
All you gave to do is add ‘howisee’ in your tag for your posts and I will find you.

I’m not sure how long I do this… But I wanna start anyway. . And I’m inviting all of you to join me. ..  🙂 
Let’s have some fun learning !!

Full Moon Night!


We sat watching this very horizon
Pondering how was the moon born
You explained,  God took a plain canvas
drew a circle and filled in white
Lazy to search any color bright
He Made him shine
Amid billion stars shining in vain!!

The full Moon shone bright
Spreading the moonlight
With You Me and the dark night
So beautiful was the sight
There You made promises
You didn’t keep right!!

You promised to hold me tight
On every full moon night
You promised to Kiss me
Through the night
On every full moon night
I desire to end this wait
I am missing you tonight!!

Cool breeze touching my skin
Reminds me of you
Watching the empty sky alone
Reminds me of you
Dry lips in the reflection of mirror
Reminds me of you!!

You made me wait
till my anticipation ended
Wait till my eyes got tired
Till the flowers I got died
It is another full moon night
I am waiting for you tonight
And the moon still shines bright!!