Busy Busy Busy !!!

Everyone in this universe is busy, just busy minding their business

Sun’s busy burning in himself, not wanting to stop, never wanting to cool down

Never stopping radiating fumes, I wonder what’s making him set himself on fire so much

I wonder if he gets blinded by his own tongues of fire, like I get when I look at him


All the planets are busy revolving around him, like he’s only the handsome hunk

And all the planets are desperate ladies to impress him  with their own charms,

Saturn’s busy getting her tummy rings bigger and bigger, pulling everything around to her embrace

Jupiter’s busy just getting gigantic, being proud to be the biggest of her known companions

Beaming at herself for having more followers than any others,

Mars’s busy responding to the tests, trying hard to pass the examinations  being thrown

Earth’s busy trying to figure out whether to end up in ice or fire, if so, how best it can be done

Moon’s busy following her , not bothering about sun, trying to impress earth with his bright face

Peeping her once and disappearing entirely at  another, to see if she’d miss him


Animals engrossed in hunting their preys, feeding their children and hunting again

Vehicles  are busy running, flying people to pick from once place and drop to another

Parents are busy earning, leading life not actually living , while molding lives of their kids

Friends are busy with their jobs, some with their problems, some with their worries


Why, Why are everyone so busy? Why can’t the world stop for a while ,

Stay in one place for once, rest a while,

Why can’t we stop a second watching a sunset, drinking the beauty the nature offers

Why can’t we sit for a minute to what our loved ones say

I wonder why it is so hard to LIVE life rather than RUN it

why is everyone busy impressing , loving, hating, dying, living for others

why not live like you want to , love yourself, be where  you want to be, just be yourself!!


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