Far away, but still !!

It is not important how far you are,

It does not matter how busy you are


You still think of me

You still care for me

You still have me on your mind

In your heart, and that makes me feel alive


You respond to every single gesture of mine

I connect to you, I don’t know how

I am not aware of the magical spell you have on me

But, it is true,

Every time I think of you, I feel an empty space beside of me

But, you never have given me a chance to feel that in my heart


It does really not matter how far we are from each other

We still care for each other and still

Have a heart full of love to share

We do…


  1. thats true.. this is what i feel about you…
    Though i keep making new friends, i never miss to say about you to most of them

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