In Loving Memory of My Lost World – My Granny !!

I so badly want to write, my feelings to myself

I go home from work to paint my day in a paper,

Reality pulls me from my reverie and fills my head full of worries

I wish for the infinite time -there was at thing in this so busy world

Which could write on its own as I think them in my mind


I so badly wish that I could pen down every singly thought I had

When I saw the sun dipping in a  beautiful lake,

the way sky celebrates the moment with colors,

The first time I saw the sky meeting the horizon with a matching color as far as the line of sight

The butterflies I felt when he touched my cheeks with his soft lips and

the way it burned there for days later

The excitement I felt when I got my first earnings, the independence I felt then,

The way I  wanted the world to stand still when he swept me off my feet



Wish I could lock the emotions flew in me every time I saw my overbearingly loving

Gran on a death bed

I so badly want to freeze the moment when she held my hands to say ‘everything’s gonna be okay’

To frame her tired eyes that sparkled with happiness, kindness and an ocean of love,

The feeling of emptiness that washed over , When I lost the most crucial person in my world

The thoughts that ran inside me when I saw her body disappearing into the dark,

The horror I felt every time I realize , she’s not coming back

The love that overflew with in, when I wish she was alive,


I so badly want to write all of it, Everything , of what I feel, I see, I enjoy,

I wish there was a way to do it,

I only wish , at least I can.



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