Not Everything is !!

Not Everything is Perfect

Not Everything  is not

Sometimes you want to turn back and runaway

But your feet gets glued to the floor beneath

Not Everything  is Easy

Not Everything  is not

You want to make things Proper

Get the thread straight, But the other hand

Rolls it & makes it a knotted ball

Not Everything is Possible

Not Everything  is not

Wen you are almost near your destiny

The path ahead disappears and says it all

Not Everything is a Mystery

Not Everything  is not

When you don’t know where the blue sky ends

But you know it turns black and makes it dark

Not Everything is good

Not Everything  is not

The hand which creates the beast

Did create an innocent too, to even the score

Not Everything  is a dream

Not Everything  is not

When you can dream if talking endless with your loved

in your favorite place, When on your deathbed

Not all dreams turn into a fact

                                                         DOB – 22  Jan 2012


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