I need you!


This heart needs some peace

My love needs a destination

I have found you

I know I need you

I need the feel of your presence

I need you every second!

You are the blood in my veins

You are the air in my lungs

You don’t know who you are

My heart is stubborn and it needs you

My wounds deep they yearn your touch

My sky need you as my moon my sun!

It is a dark empty space Without you

Out there and inside of me

I need you in every beat of my heart

I need you in every turn of my life

I need you in the journey of my love

I just need you

So I can stay alive!


Moth n Light! !


I know you would burn me down,
Burn my wings , make me helpless and Hurt me bad,
I still come to you , to embrace your warmth
To share my love , to see the world in ur light!

I hate the burning heat ,
It hurts, makes me angry,
I want to go away and never return ,
Something inside me stops me from turning my back,
A voice says ‘heat will abate,  just wait’
N I stop, waiting,  not wanting to be away!

It happens again!
You do that again..
Burn my wings, make me helpless,
Merciless as u are,
Taking my life,
You  stand idle, burning ever so bright,
As if my life fueled you!

As I take my last breath,
Reflecting your blaze in my eyes,
Gazing at you with love,
I can feel the betrayal,loss and
The attraction you still hold for me,
I still love you!

Between U n Me!!







I’m laughing alone again,
I’m smiling lost in thoughts again,
I sit here alone so far and think,
I’m in love with the state of my being!
If only  life had not had it’s way,
If only I knew I would have you in my life!

I sit here and wait,
Wait for your response every second,
I know you have other things you rather do,
But  I wish I had your time for me!
I know it’s not me on your mind,
Although I wish I was the Lucky one!

Even though thousand walls stand b/w us,
Though we both know our fate’s plans,
I know that You know that I can’t be yours,
You know that I know that you won’t be mine!
But still my heart fail to listen to me,
N skips a beat every time you make me blush!

All my dreams that you starred in,
All those thoughts that made me flush,
Tons of sweetest  things you’ve said , I will never forget!
All that the world won’t understand,
I will take them with me to the grave!

Wish I could disappear in time,
Disappear with you into a world of mine,
I just see you and me , no boundaries ,no limits!
Following our hearts to our heart’s content,
Lose the track of time n around, holding hands in the freefall,
Freeze the moments and frame  them forever!!