Full Moon Night!


We sat watching this very horizon
Pondering how was the moon born
You explained,  God took a plain canvas
drew a circle and filled in white
Lazy to search any color bright
He Made him shine
Amid billion stars shining in vain!!

The full Moon shone bright
Spreading the moonlight
With You Me and the dark night
So beautiful was the sight
There You made promises
You didn’t keep right!!

You promised to hold me tight
On every full moon night
You promised to Kiss me
Through the night
On every full moon night
I desire to end this wait
I am missing you tonight!!

Cool breeze touching my skin
Reminds me of you
Watching the empty sky alone
Reminds me of you
Dry lips in the reflection of mirror
Reminds me of you!!

You made me wait
till my anticipation ended
Wait till my eyes got tired
Till the flowers I got died
It is another full moon night
I am waiting for you tonight
And the moon still shines bright!!



I need you!


This heart needs some peace

My love needs a destination

I have found you

I know I need you

I need the feel of your presence

I need you every second!

You are the blood in my veins

You are the air in my lungs

You don’t know who you are

My heart is stubborn and it needs you

My wounds deep they yearn your touch

My sky need you as my moon my sun!

It is a dark empty space Without you

Out there and inside of me

I need you in every beat of my heart

I need you in every turn of my life

I need you in the journey of my love

I just need you

So I can stay alive!

Beautiful Monday – Living my dream :)

Today has been a weirdly pleasant day so far. I was up until 2AM last night. It has been a rainy morning in here. It is raining non-stop and I am absolutely lovviinnnnnggg it. I did not want get up from the bed in the first place. But I had to drag myself up coz I was already late to work. I sat up on the bed looking out the window. The sky was grey and it was showering constantly the wind was too chill and the sound of rain plus gushing wind was soothing. A smile escaped my lips for no reason. I sometimes think I am weird, But it’s okay I guess. World is full of serious people. A hundred or two like me, wouldn’t hurt ;). So, I went onto my morning chores. I tried my luck for finding a cab from 8Am in the morning. The Apps tested all my patience I tell you. Sometimes they weren’t connecting or they were highly charged, Uber was over the top, 6x,4x. I waited till 9.50, then I thought maybe I should just get out and find an auto. I get out , locked the door and its pouring down! Damn!

I had Ola and Uber apps open all the time. I saw one cab on Ola in 5 min. I try to book it, it says “uh, sorry, we are trying to add more cabs. Please try us after sometime”. Grrrr damn you guys! Uber was still demanding 4times the fare. I gave up and decided to walk.I walked to the nearest bus stop. Waited for namma BMTC (local public transport in Bengaluru). No luck for 30 min. I thought maybe it’s a sign that I shouldn’t go to work today. 😛

I go to the Auto stand. All the drivers are sitting inside chatting, laughing. I go and ask them
“sir, Residency Road?” I am squinting in the drizzle with stole on my head and my laptop on my back. “no madam. Tumba traffic ide, yaru baralla (too much traffic, no one will come)” replied one of the drivers. One of them took pity on me and helped me get another Auto.

It took me 30 min to travel 2 kilometers. I am not exaggerating! I got frustrated. I opened my laptop and started typing  🙂 I was almost near my office after almost 2 hours in the auto. The driver Karimulla khan went on and on about the irritating traffic and how rains block the ways and blah blah blah. I tuned him out. I had got into the grove of writing. Now , I did not want to go to the office. Ha ha 🙂

I told him to take a deviation and drop me at Brigade road instead. He looked puzzled but did not dare ask any question. I got down from the Auto crossed the road and started to walk. I did not know where to go. But Office was a big NO. I knew I wouldn’t work if I go. I thought a coffee shop would be a better place. I always had dreamed like this, you know? Taking off all by myself sitting in a  coffee place with good ambience, sipping coffee in a wonderful weather, looking out the glass at the drizzles with my hair tied up in a bun, sitting comfortably with a pleasant smile on my face, my laptop and my journal in front of me and Music in the background. Only I had thought of it in a different place, but this been better than I’d thought. IMG-20151116-WA0003

I exactly am doing all that today 🙂 living my dream 🙂 and it feels incredible.


P.S: Thanks to my boss for approving my leave. #secret He’s as crazy as I am and that works for me! 😛 #shusshh #dontTellAnyone

I Witness it all !!


I stand tall day and night
I witness the beauty of rain
I can feel the cloud touching me
Feel the burning sun
Feel the cool breeze on a full moon
I witness it all!

Chats, midnight walks
Whispers , giggles of lovers
Sometimes fight, sometimes romance
I know everyone’s secret
I keep it to myself
I witness it all !

Exchange of feelings
Spilling of guts
I know their lives
The cries, laughs, kisses and hugs
Broken hearts, innocent smiles
Happy faces, wrinkled faces lost in thoughts
I witness it all!

Selfies, group-fies, posses
In all the pictures
It is just me who shines
It is the memories we share
They take away , I hold on
I witness it all!

People come, admire me, praise me
Click snaps, share moments
And they are gone!
But I am here for them
Morning, evening, night, midnight
Just all the time
I bathe in rain washing away the dust
As the sun rises
I feel the  rays as I get ready for the show
As the sun sets
I lit up and I am ready for another !
I am here and I Witness it all!

Here’s my version of thoughts!

Good Morning from Bengaluru!!!

In the now waking City people too are wide awake, they are active and have already found their purpose for the day . There are already red lights in traffic, flower market is open ,  I see the marriage halls getting ready for someone’s marriage-to be a part of everyone’s life who goes there today, mainly the ones who are getting hitched. Buses are decently full with college students, office-goers and some who wants to find an office to go. Then there are people in Cars and cabs and bikes going to work. The roads are busy with vehicles even at this hour. Oh by the way the time now is 6.40am. There are auto rickshaws standing in a line with their drivers in khaki brown shirts waiting next to them for the customers. People of all age group in their tracks and shoes working out their bodies, some to get in shape, some good health :). I see some still sleepy faces standing near a small tea shop,  where the chai wala brews a hot cup of Chai that is expected to wake those sleepy heads. There are vegetable sellers going to market hoping a better prize for their effort.


Then there’s namma Bengaluru’s awesome-possome weather. Its bright but cloudy, there’s little bit of sunlight just as much required like salt in a dish.  Perfect! Bengaluru which is most commonly known as Bangalore is called The Garden City coz of plenty of gardens and parks it once had (sadly the past tense)They are pretty much there even today, but only few are well maintained and green. In all the hustle and bustle of the city’s terrific traffic, these trees glow golden to the first rays of the sun, it is a beautiful sight. This city – which otherwise is like a bold hot and happening chick at a loud disco – at this hour is like is doing meditation..calm and natural.  Ha ha 🙂



Good Morning Beautiful World! ♡

When it Rains!!


When it rains , It reminds me of you
I want to hold your hand and walk in the drizzle
But, you are so far away!!
When it rains , it reminds me of my childhood
The time when I drenched like a cat,
And my mom blamed the rain!!
When it rains, it makes me feel blessed
And Thank for what I have in life,
For giving me chance to exist amid the kind nature!!
When it rains, I feel overwhelmed
It makes me forget the world for a while
And pull me into the reverie of memories I get lost in !!

Beauty of Rains in capital ! ! -Kuala lumpur

Hop-on Hop off buses in KL are the double decker busses with half open roof at the second level. These busses takes you through the entire City stopping at 23 places in the trip. One trip Costs you 45 ringgits. You get these buses every 20-30 min. Starts at 10am n ends at 8 pm. You can choose to get down at any place look around, spend time, talk, walk, click pictures and wait at the same stop to hop on another one of these double deckers! 

One of these days Myself and my friend had hopped on to one of these busses.  We didn’t actually plan the trip , we just got down wherever we felt like and spent some time. There was a moment when we were enjoying the  weather,  it started to drizzle. All others who were on the open roof with us went inside the bus. I had all the intentions to drench 🙂 I told my friend, ” let’s not go in”  and we were team- to be called crazy 😉


The sky was dark grey against the light white sky high buildings. The wind started to blow faster, speeding up the tempo of droplets.  I lifted my face to the sky. I love to do that when it rains, but this time the drops were so big and heavy,  it almost started to feel like  they were slapping my face. There by messing up the liner and kohl on my eyes,  making me look like a zombie.  Not that i could do much about it, But I guess that didn’t matter!


Rains in KL are so beautiful. They are unexpected and takes you by surprise. Not that the people aren’t prepared.  They all are very used to this surprise and are always ready with their jackets or pretty umbrellas! The bridges are well planned in the city, where they have good support of cement blocks like the pavements made beneath the bridge to support the elevation, so the soil erosion doesn’t make it weak. They also have little narrow channels running down from elevated places. These look very beautiful when they have rain water coming down amid the green plants around.  Amongst many things I loved about this city, rains are definitely the best.  The plants and trees get showered in rain, and they look amazingly beautiful in the morning when the first rays of the sun falls on them.  Every leaf looks glazing, shiney, as if they have the most beautiful flawless texture of skin with the best moisturiser on that makes them look fragile and soft. The Green in them appear darker and fresh. It’s an amazing experience to watch them glistening in the warm sun.


We were entirely showered in the rain, looking like idiots to the people on the roads. Also our fellow passengers might have thought- we lost it. But we couldn’t care less.  When it almost became too much to handle we went back inside the bus, looking like two drenched cats.
Obviously we couldn’t continue the ride. We planned to hop off  near by our hotel.
There ends our little tour !
And  here’s my effort to depict rains! in a poem  🙂