I want a new world!!


I want  a new world
Where my never ending wishes
Never have to end!

I need wings so I can fly with a bird
Want to see a blooming bud
Flow with gushing river
Give a bear hug to the lush green forest
And Kiss the sunset in the ocean wave crest!

I want a night that doesn’t end soon
Sleep on the descending moon
Jump on the clouds, fall on a sand dune
As I walk on the rainbow
Ride on a shooting star
Where there is no need to sleep
No reason to weep!

I want to get lost in the ocean blue
Imbue myself in all the blue hues
Swim with sea horses, dance with dolphins
Decorate  my world with corals
Let Every living thing speaks its heart
Share all the love, keep the bridges apart!

I want to love everything , no reason
For Nature is Infinite  beauty all season
Where there are is no judgment no decision
I dare to live all this word by word
Coz,  Its my world
Where my never ending wishes
Never have to end!


I Witness it all !!


I stand tall day and night
I witness the beauty of rain
I can feel the cloud touching me
Feel the burning sun
Feel the cool breeze on a full moon
I witness it all!

Chats, midnight walks
Whispers , giggles of lovers
Sometimes fight, sometimes romance
I know everyone’s secret
I keep it to myself
I witness it all !

Exchange of feelings
Spilling of guts
I know their lives
The cries, laughs, kisses and hugs
Broken hearts, innocent smiles
Happy faces, wrinkled faces lost in thoughts
I witness it all!

Selfies, group-fies, posses
In all the pictures
It is just me who shines
It is the memories we share
They take away , I hold on
I witness it all!

People come, admire me, praise me
Click snaps, share moments
And they are gone!
But I am here for them
Morning, evening, night, midnight
Just all the time
I bathe in rain washing away the dust
As the sun rises
I feel the  rays as I get ready for the show
As the sun sets
I lit up and I am ready for another !
I am here and I Witness it all!

Here’s my version of thoughts!

Petronas – A concrete beauty!


I never knew I could fall in love with a building. Yes, you read it right. A Non-living, non-movable, concrete Building! Not just  one, they are twins which makes it even better  😉
PETRONAS  the twin sky scraper in the heart of the city of Kuala Lumpur. She’s the crown jewel of the town. I tell you, She is an absolute  BEAUTY!
Now, lemme give you an idea of her features  and looks ;). For starter she is known by different names  Twin Towers, KLCC Towers,  Petronas Towers, Menara Pertronas/ Menara Berkembar Petronas  in local tongue (Bahasa/Malay).
An American Architect designed her curves and edges in 1992 , planning went for an Year. It took 6 years from construction to Inauguration in 1999. you see, she was not easy  🙂
She is built with tons and tons of iron, mortar, sand and covered in glass that doubles the beauty reflecting the sky.
She stands 88 floors tall which is approx. 450 m that is 1482ft ( I very vaguely remember the numbers. But I am sure I am not too off 😛 )  with 5 level of basements . She has 78 lifts running through her. She has a sky bridge like extended arms, holding hands with an identical twin. She has a sort of ring like structure near her neck that looks beautiful. As you see higher up  there are edges like a star above the ring. When she’s fully lit in the night, she shines like a bright diamond, very majestic.

Sky Bridge :  The beauty of this sky  bridge is that, it is not attached to the Buildings on either side. There  is more than a 7 inch gap between where the bridge starts and the building. Mainly because the towers tend to lightly sway in different directions to the wind at high speed (I did not know this could happen)  and the bridge may break if it is attached to the buildings. There’s an inverted ‘V’ that connects from the center of the bridge to the buildings on either side.  This sky walk is a double decker. I mean ,it connects both 41 and 42 levels on both towers. Length of this bridge is 50 m that is 190ft long, weighs about 750 tons. An amazing fact about this bridge is that,  it was pulled to its place after both the towers were built , like this was a finishing touch.


Pinnacles: Finally the pinnacles. Top of each tower has  a pinnacle which is 73.5m (241ft ) long. It doesn’t look like  it is that tall but it is. These stand on the head of each tower like a crown. There is an interesting fact about these as well, that is both these pinnacles are built in two different places. One was built in Japan, another in Korea. They look exactly same , at least from the pictures.


It is open for public to go to the bridge, then they take you to level 80’s (m not sure, maybe it is 84). You can look out through glass windows on both these levels. You can also go to the last level (I think all the way to 86) but then there are no glass windows to see out. This level was kind of boring to me, with just a small shop selling souvenirs and there were some sofas to sit. I had been in  8.15 PM slot. Oh! I did not mention; you need to buy a ticket 40RM (ringgits) per head for adults.  You’ll have to pick your slot, book the tickets and they take you in a group of 20. There’s one big Lift that takes all 20 people till the sky walk . Then there are two smaller ones to go up higher.

One of the nights when I was in KL , I got this beautiful view from my hotel.  It was around 1 Am in the night, She was poorly lit, it was very calm and there was moonlight. There was a thin layer of could slowly passing by this beauty: The clouds were unbelievably low. Her lights looked faded through the thin cloud but still bright from the moonlight. It was a beautiful sight and it is etched in my eyes.
Many times I along with my friend would go for a walk , sit in front of these towers for long time. I was very surprised to see many many people come there in the late nights and spend time, share feelings, talk, hold hands,  walk together or just sit and breathe , may be find peace.
She’s an unforgettable beauty in my life and will remain special for me!

Here’s her version of thoughts! (With the poem here this would be very long.  So I had to keep it separate)

Some more of her pics! 







Immense Immortal!!


You are so Vast
So Deep yet so Still
You are so Blue
So Green yet so Colorful
You are so Menacing
So Blissful yet so Calm
You are so Powerful
So Serene yet so Fragile!

No one knows your heart, your deep  secrets
No one can measure your patience, describe your beauty
You are so marvelous , delight to the eyes
Such a kind ravishing beauty
Your Waves plays an un-composed music
That brings joy, happiness and peace!

I was in your lap
Riding the soft waves you would throw,
You played along, rocking me up and down
like a mother would do
I never could imagine the joy
The ecstasy I felt  in your arms
when you surrounded me !

I felt so powerful
Yet very negligible
I felt so peaceful
Yet very anxious!

Do you smile at us
when we claim you are ours?
Do you laugh out loud when
we claim to conquer you?
How silly of us mortals!

You are much more than just water
A Menacing Disguised killer
A Caring Protective Mother
The epitome of beauty
An immense immortal!

You can find more about my experience with this immortal beauty here. Drop by , your thoughts are always welcome  🙂 

The Wait!

As the bright rays egress from the East
I wake up from my sleep
Yawning and stretching
Opening my eyes gently
I can feel his rays warming my body!

As He keeps getting brighter
He thinks I am stronger
I feel my body getting pierced
The now burning sun beamed!

I look for her in vain
But she shows me no sign
My heart feels heavier
I give up , I burn
I know she will come, We will meet
I look up, ready to greet
My heart skips a beat
Clouds are getting darker
and there’s thunder!

I open my arms facing the sky
She comes down ever so gently
Her every touch is a bliss
She drenches me with her kiss
I surrender to her completely
Spreading Happiness  unconditionally!

Everyone looks at my beauty, smiles at me
I beam at them with her on me
As I feel more lighter
She lingers on me shining brighter
Oh, I am the Rose, she’s the Drizzle!


Let me be!!


Don’t hold me tight
When I want to fly!
Don’t pull me down
When I want to climb!

My thoughts are high
Beyond the sky
My dreams are big
Beyond your reach!

My thoughts become words
They want to flow out
And reach the world!
I scream out loud
Throwing my voice to the cloud
No one hears,  I get no response!

I see nothing around,  nothing but dark
I realise,  I am buried
Deep in the abyss
Deep in the dark, with no light
But I have hope!

I see the silhouettes moving around me
Stripping me through their stares
Every glare piercing my soul
Like thousand needles
My blood boils, my soul bleeds!

I want to scream
Tell them all my dream
Don’t bare my body
Bare my feelings
Don’t strip my clothes
Strip my thoughts
For my beauty lies within my soul
Not in my flesh and skin!

Don’t hold me tight
I want to fly!
Don’t pull me down
I can climb high!
I don’t want your empathy
I don’t want your mercy
Set me free, let me be!!