I have dreams
 Each of vivid colours
 Each of different size
 Emotions, People, Feelings
 keep popping and Bursting
 Mind you...
 I'm not scared...
 I keep dreaming.. ...
 More Mightier and more colours!!

How I see…!!

I’m planning to come up with a new series of writing. I pick any random picture and write something about it.  Since my poems or articles are usually very long,  I’m challenging myself to write short.. in Less than 10 sentences. 

Feel free to contribute, try this challenge for yourself; have fun and share with me too.
All you gave to do is add ‘howisee’ in your tag for your posts and I will find you.

I’m not sure how long I do this… But I wanna start anyway. . And I’m inviting all of you to join me. ..  🙂 
Let’s have some fun learning !!

“LOVE IN TEN SENTENCES” | Mother, an Enigma!

“LOVE IN TEN SENTENCES” . This was really a challenge for me, coz usually I can’t write anything in brief. I go on and on and on….
This is the first time I have tried to write within boundaries. Hope it has worked out. I thank Upen and Amrit for nominating me for this challenge.

You are an enigma,
I will never understand!
You are the strength,
All hurdles you Withstand!
You understand all unsaid,
Even When never said!
Patience to the peak
Brave as a lionesses!
I love you, mother,
Unconditionally,  irrevocably,  helplessly, forever!!!