A Bad News!

It is a beautiful Sunday morning.  I’m travelling in the bus. At a signal, I see a large crowd near the bus in the next lane. Everyone was taking  photos. As my bus approached nearer I see a person sleeping under the bus, close to the back tire. Took me a sec to realise it was an accident. A boy of around 10yrs was killed in that brutal accident.  His body was unscathed, his head was badly injured. There was a pool of blood near his head and that side had slit open with a side of his brain chipped off. People there just stood clicking photos, no one bothered to step forward.
My heart sank at the sight.
May be it was already too late. May be someone had called an Ambulance and informed Police.  Where were his parents? How did he happen to come under the bus? Was it driver’s mistake?  All these and many more questions crossed my mind. I know I won’t get answers, not that it helps either. But, one life was ended. That Kid was no more! I don’t know who he was, but my heart goes out to his family.

We fight,  struggle, argue, our egos and alter egos. Why? Why do we keep our interests before others. Why can’t evryone understand it’s a short life and stay happy? Or at least try? You never know which is your last minute, your last breath. That kid was alive maybe few min ago and now,  he will just be a memory. Forever. He is never coming back!

No matter how much you earn, you know you won’t take a penny with you. I see 9/10 people’s lives are miserable because some wants more money, some fights over property , some just don’t want let go of their ego. If one really thinks of why they do what they do, what is it they are getting in return,  one will understand that life can be very simple and much better in many ways.

One day I will be gone and everyone I know will be gone too. I think in pursuing  what we think is right, we are becoming more self centered and selfish. In comparing, complicating our own lives we are Forgetting  simple things like Respct, Love,  Care, Humanity, Empathy. It doesn’t take much neither is it too much to ask to have these priceless qualities in a person. Understand the value of life before its too late.

Live with no regrets. coz once you lose it you won’t be alive to regret anymore!!

May His Soul Rest In Peace!



Just Once!!


In the middle of the night
Up in the dark sky
I see the only star
I know that’s you
Looking for me!

You were the light in my world
You went into darkness
leaving me in one
You disappeared
so did my Universe!

Now I’m clueless, I’m blind
Of present, of future
Of whats’, of whys’, of hows’
I want you back, here and now
come back to life, Into my life
Guide me, walk me, talk to me
Just once!

I see your face
I hate that you don’t talk
I can smell you
I hate that I can’t touch
I can feel you
I hate that you are not around
I want to hug you tight and never let go
Come back to me
Just once!

The void kills me cell by cell
Knife of silence slice through my heart
I bear the scar till it stops to beat
With Your face etched in my eyes
Your words ringing in my ears
With You on my mind
I am dying a thousand deaths
with every breath
I beg you, come back to me
Just once!

In loving memory of my lost world
This one’s for you Granny!♡

Moth n Light! !


I know you would burn me down,
Burn my wings , make me helpless and Hurt me bad,
I still come to you , to embrace your warmth
To share my love , to see the world in ur light!

I hate the burning heat ,
It hurts, makes me angry,
I want to go away and never return ,
Something inside me stops me from turning my back,
A voice says ‘heat will abate,  just wait’
N I stop, waiting,  not wanting to be away!

It happens again!
You do that again..
Burn my wings, make me helpless,
Merciless as u are,
Taking my life,
You  stand idle, burning ever so bright,
As if my life fueled you!

As I take my last breath,
Reflecting your blaze in my eyes,
Gazing at you with love,
I can feel the betrayal,loss and
The attraction you still hold for me,
I still love you!