Strokes n Curves 3 – Sooo Indian!!


Beauty of Indian traditional attires- from North to South, from East to West- is in the intricate detailing!! I have tried a bit here!! 🙂


When taking over the phone! :P


Was talking to my boss discussing somethings back in my hotel room.  I found the notepad and pencil kept next to the phone. I noticed pencil was sharp and the paper was jus crisp n clean- perfect combination 😉 and my hand started to move. I drew this with minimal lifts, might be jus 3 places. I kinda like how it came out 🙂

Cheers! ! 🙂

Find YOU!!

Raise your hand, reach for the sky
Get on your toe, Seek your destiny
Don’t lose focus, just keep moving
You may reach, you may not
Have faith, have hope,
Believe in yourself!
For it keeps you sane!

If you think you can’t,
You never can!
If you think you shouldn’t,
You never will!
Do not think ifs and buts,
For life is too short to spend just thinking!

Go ahead, reach for the heights
Push yourselves,  know your strength
Shake off your worries,  beat the fear
Push the ground behind,  fly high
Explore the unexplored, experience new
Get away from yourself, FIND YOU!


P.S: jus a scribble! ! 🙂