After a while..

sunset-sky-vivid-oceanAfter a while, before it’s late
I come back, in your life
Don’t ask me where I was
Don’t ask me how I was
For I was within you
Thinking of you
Counting stars in the night
Sighing sadly at the wait
Teary eyes blurred my view
Until I found you very new
Here I come with dancing heart
Glad to see your open arms
Lift me up high in the air
I will never leave you again
After a while, before it’s late
Take me home and tell a tale!!!!


Clueless, lost, Hopefull !!


Life is full of
Unmapped mysteries
All those turns and twists
Paths rough and smooth
I don’t know why exists
I stayed calm and went with it!!

Minding my own business
Believing it is world’s norm
Getting past the hurdles faced
Answering all the questions raised
Few I knew few I figured
But few remain unanswerd!!

I dreamt of a fancy life
Dream girl for a loving wife
Watch my parents play with my child
A small happy family of mine
In the dream Mansion of my own
I dreamt of traveling the world
Handsome money and success in load!!

All my dreams are fed
All the milestones crossed
Life has come full circle
Boon or bane, I have it all
Now what?
Where do I start?
What do I want?
I’m clueless, I’m lost!!

Alone I stand in a no man’s land
Set on a quest to find answers for the rest
leaving behind the past
I walk the paths and take the turns
With Hope by my side
I still walk with pride
I know for sure the answers prevail
I know one day they will unveil!!

The Last Mile to Oasis!!


A voice in you is crystals clear
A thought inside has no fear
Remember, you are chasing a dream not so far
it is not  a castle you are building
But it is a Kingdom you have a thirst for!!

Your shoulders may hunch
For all the responsibilites are bunch
Your throat may dry away
For you are screaming into deaf ears
Your eyes may get tired
For only you are staring the invisible successs!!

It may all seem muddled now
It may all seem impossible now
It may all seem tiresome now
But remember this
New rays will emerge in the horizon
Your armour will shine along your victory!!

The day will come
Spreading joy for all and some
A smile across your face
When you see puzzles fall in place
Keep feeding your dreams
Keep walking those streets
For there’s no end to Success neither to Dreams!!

Together we can!!


What you cannot fight alone
Together we can
Alone you can fail
Together we won’t
Let us dream bigger
Grow together
Help each other
Work hard, party harder
Fight our own fears
Beat our own success
There is a leader within us
Let’s unleash him
And lead from within
For Success isn’t a destination
But a pit stop of celebration
Before we set on
Yet another Journey!
Yet another Success!!
Yet another Party!!!
Together we Can!!!

Let me be!!


Don’t hold me tight
When I want to fly!
Don’t pull me down
When I want to climb!

My thoughts are high
Beyond the sky
My dreams are big
Beyond your reach!

My thoughts become words
They want to flow out
And reach the world!
I scream out loud
Throwing my voice to the cloud
No one hears,  I get no response!

I see nothing around,  nothing but dark
I realise,  I am buried
Deep in the abyss
Deep in the dark, with no light
But I have hope!

I see the silhouettes moving around me
Stripping me through their stares
Every glare piercing my soul
Like thousand needles
My blood boils, my soul bleeds!

I want to scream
Tell them all my dream
Don’t bare my body
Bare my feelings
Don’t strip my clothes
Strip my thoughts
For my beauty lies within my soul
Not in my flesh and skin!

Don’t hold me tight
I want to fly!
Don’t pull me down
I can climb high!
I don’t want your empathy
I don’t want your mercy
Set me free, let me be!!

Between U n Me!!







I’m laughing alone again,
I’m smiling lost in thoughts again,
I sit here alone so far and think,
I’m in love with the state of my being!
If only  life had not had it’s way,
If only I knew I would have you in my life!

I sit here and wait,
Wait for your response every second,
I know you have other things you rather do,
But  I wish I had your time for me!
I know it’s not me on your mind,
Although I wish I was the Lucky one!

Even though thousand walls stand b/w us,
Though we both know our fate’s plans,
I know that You know that I can’t be yours,
You know that I know that you won’t be mine!
But still my heart fail to listen to me,
N skips a beat every time you make me blush!

All my dreams that you starred in,
All those thoughts that made me flush,
Tons of sweetest  things you’ve said , I will never forget!
All that the world won’t understand,
I will take them with me to the grave!

Wish I could disappear in time,
Disappear with you into a world of mine,
I just see you and me , no boundaries ,no limits!
Following our hearts to our heart’s content,
Lose the track of time n around, holding hands in the freefall,
Freeze the moments and frame  them forever!!