An evening in the cab 2 -Flowers in the night!

It’s 9.09 PM on a Tuesday. It was a long day. Although I didn’t do much at work, it was tiring. Last couple of days have been a little stressful   I guess I still haven’t recovered from that.
I had the office cab that starts at 10 PM, but I took a private cab an hour early. Despite my Boss asking me to leave early I was a bit stubborn to sit back and work- mostly coz of the guilt that I haven’t really worked anything today – not that it helped #rollingeyes.
I ended up reading a single line more than 3 times! #duh.

The cab I had booked arrived in 7min. Letting my hair open, leaning back in the Etios Liva with a descent leg space (kinda very imp, specially when you are tired and want to stretch ur legs) watching those florescent street lamps coloring the night a warm sepia, the usual traffic not bothering me, I didn’t want the journey to end.  I just wanted the driver to keep driving wherever the road takes.


As the cab stopped at a traffic signal, my eyes fell on a tree to my right. It had unusual maroon flowers with yellow in the middle. Looked very beautiful (damn my phone camera! )It looked like velvet and I thought,  I cross that Signal twice everyday but I never had seen that.  The tree was actually in the park on the road side.  A huge branch was perched on the road which had its own branches, it’s as big as a tree itself. I  then realised I had never seen the fence either. It’s a silly thing  but it made me think.


It was almost like this! Almost!

Then I started to ponder, how much of the natural obvious things do we miss in life coz of our so called very-busy-routine. Things, emotions,  feelings, happiness, thoughts, inside, outside and within.  How much am I missing?  How many lives have I touched today just by existing?
Our brains usually are so preoccupied, that sometimes maybe most of the times we miss the obvious. Always thinking,  running, always planning, trying to be in control, in pursuit of something.

It’s a race against time!

I’m not complaining. I know it’s ‘only one life’ funda. At the same time I think it’s important to slow down a bit once in a while coz it is ‘Only One Life’! !


Façades !!


I have seen façades
Hatred behind smiles
Screams behind silence
Unfriendly friends
Cold beneath warm
I know,  You don’t do it to me
Coz I know you
Or do I?

I respect emotions
Seen people faking it
Using it to advantage
The face I see is calm
The one I don’t is furious
I know, You don’t do that to me
Coz I trust you
Or should I?

Every time heart made a
There has been a scar in return
In this cynical world
Mind says trust no one
Heart says, I am healing
Still able to share love
Go ahead make a decision!

You may hide behind façades
Fake all your Emotions
But you can’t hide from yourself
if trust can’t be trusted
The world loses all values
Be true show your real hues!

I Miss You !!

I see your face in every blink of my eye,
I see your name everywhere  and sigh!
I feel your presence in every beat of my heart,
In my life,  I doubt if you know you play an irreplaceable part,
I miss you!!

When you drew my closer,
I never knew I’d be the looser,
That magical moment when your lips touched mine..
An ocean of emotions turned into tsunami of waves,
I blushed , I trembled , I was lost, yet I wanted more. .
When I hear a symphony of love,
I miss you!!

I miss your hands holding my face,
I miss your breath warming my skin,
I miss your soft lips demanding mine,
I miss your strong arms holding me close,
I miss you, missing me!!

Where have those times gone?
Where are those lines drawn?
Why did you have to change?
Why do I have to breakdown?

You don’t belong to my world,
I don’t belong to yours,
Oh dear,  I know you won’t turn back,
But you have rooted so deep in my heart,
If we would have to be apart,
I’d have to tear my heart!
I miss you !!!

Am I ??

The sound of chirping birds makes me happy,

The waves that slaps the shore makes me laugh more,

The changing color of twilight makes me smile ,

The river that flow brings me tranquility,

Am I complicated? Am I stupid?

 A smile on an innocent face melts my heart,

Teary eyes in a wrinkled face breaks my heart,

Watching the helpless struggle makes me break down,

I make mistakes, I make them again,

Am I emotional? Am I silly?

A Warm hug makes me feel safe,

A soft kiss makes me feel loved,

A pat on my back makes me proud,

Every step I take makes me confident,

Am I selfish? Am I arrogant?

 Stop judging me!

Coz, I’m free, I’m just me!!