I need you!


This heart needs some peace

My love needs a destination

I have found you

I know I need you

I need the feel of your presence

I need you every second!

You are the blood in my veins

You are the air in my lungs

You don’t know who you are

My heart is stubborn and it needs you

My wounds deep they yearn your touch

My sky need you as my moon my sun!

It is a dark empty space Without you

Out there and inside of me

I need you in every beat of my heart

I need you in every turn of my life

I need you in the journey of my love

I just need you

So I can stay alive!


All I need is you! !


I love the way you talk
I love the way you walk
I love the way you hold me
I love the way you love me

I want to you to see me  and only me
Talk to me and never stop
Fight with me and never drop
Love me more, coz I love you to the core
Love me slow, Love me now

I want to hold you tight
Press my ear to your heart
For it plays my favourite song
I want to forget myself in your arms
Hold me tight
Lark every day and night
I ain’t care nothing boy
There’s nothing for you to be coy

I don’t want no one in the world
For my world is you
I don’t need air to breathe
I don’t need water to survive
All I need is you
Hold me close stand by my side

Let go of your doubts
Open up your thoughts
For I promise you
I just need you
All I need is you

Treasure the Emotions – A Wish!

I so badly want to write, my feelings to myself

I go home from work to paint my day in a paper,

Reality pulls me from my reverie and fills my head full of worries

I wish for the infinite time -there was at thing in this so busy world

Which could write on its own as I think them in my mind !!


I so badly wish that I could pen down every singly thought I had

When I saw the sun dipping in a  beautiful lake,

the way sky celebrates the moment with colors,

The first time I saw the sky meeting the horizon with a matching color as far as the line of sight

The excitement I felt when I got my first earnings, the freedom I felt then,

The butterflies I felt when he touched my cheeks with his soft lips and

the way it burned there for days later!

The way I  wanted the world to stand still when he swept me off my feet!!

Wish I could lock the emotions flew in me every time I saw my overbearingly loving

Gran on a death bed

I so badly want to freeze the moment when she held my hands to say ‘everything’s gonna be okay’

To frame her tired eyes that sparkled with happiness, kindness and an ocean of love,

The feeling of emptiness that washed over , When I lost the most crucial person in my world!

The thoughts that ran inside me when I saw her body disappearing into the dark,

The horror I felt every time I realize , she’s not coming back,

The love that overflew with in, when I wish she was alive!


I so badly want to treasure all of it,

Everything , of what I feel, I see, I enjoy,

I wish there was a way to do it,

I only wish , at least I can!

All Treasure

All Treasure

P.S : Image courtesy.. ME 😉 🙂 !! I could’ve made it a Lil better, but then I couldn’t wait to post this one. So gave up on tuning the picture !

Pen, Paper and Writing – The Obsolete !!

2014-02-11 12.09.16 The only place where people still use pen and paper apart from educational institutes are, some old government offices that do not have computers yet, or they might not have hired anyone who dusts it off and switch on the CPU. Everything has become so automated in life today; we do not need a pen at all. We have a rectangle magic box in our pocket that brings the world to us. Do a math – done, make a note – done, save a number – done, click a photo – done, read a book – done, write to someone – done, send a mail – done, play a song – done, watch a video – done, do shopping – done, you name it! In a world like this, I hardly see anyone write using pen and paper.

 I think we are missing something here; honestly I like the feeling of holding a nice pen and scrawling it on a smooth, clean surface of a paper, tracing the pattern of the movement of your hand in a contrast color to the paper. It feels nice to actually see your words taking shape. Doesn’t it?  I do not have a bad handwriting although everyone says so,  I say – I just have my own calligraphy 😉  I don’t know why it appeals me, but I just like the feeling of writing . If you want to say something , anything, or if you are angry, happy,  whatever you are feeling, just write it down if you do not have anyone to say or do not want to say! It makes you feel a lot lighter and happier. Try it!!

I like writing letters, I like the feeling of reading a letter someone’s sent to me. Don’t’ you? It is sort of obsolete nowadays, I know. You might think it’s a little melodramatic. But just imagine alright? It’s a beautiful bright holiday and you have just moved to a new place. Sitting in your room staring out of your window to the woods, you are thinking about someone special (could be a very best friend, a crush, your love, your parents , anyone who’s special and very near to your heart). You see a person dropping an envelope into your mailbox near your front gate. You walk down to fetch the envelope only to find that it is sent by that someone special (anyone who you thought above: P) . you have not spoken for a while now, Can you imagine the curiosity burning inside to know everything about what he letter has to share with you? You can’t wait till you get to your room. You start tearing it open the moment you hold it in your hands. Although you finish reading it, I bet you go over and over in your mind many times. You’ll Cherish that moment, words linger in your head for a long time. That was just an example. However, experiencing it is a total different thing.

If you ever find an old piece of writing from a different time, just take a minute to read it! It could be an old journal, a piece of paper that your grandfather has written, or your father or your mother might have written, could be her to-do list. When you encounter these after so many years, the feeling you get is something old, but something new. If you know what I mean,,, It’s almost like nostalgia.

The journal might not have anything different or anything special about it, but it for sure will take you thru the roads your father had ventured when he wrote that, makes you see things thru his eyes, witness everything what he’s witnessed. It’s a different feeling. Considering the generation gap and the fast growing world, with all the globalization going on you might not see the same streets he’s seen, same landmarks he’s mentioned. But going thru all these is a total new experience isn’t it?  The dates written on the top corner or at the end of the page, makes you think a bit about how his life was then. What was it like to work for such less salary but still be content and happy? How was it to be without computers? how was it to remember any phone numbers without saving them on yours? How was it to spend a day without power, LED Televisions with hundred thousand channels, to travel around without an AC vehicle. Can you imagine that?

I say you should leave something behind to your future generation, like our elders have left to us a great treasure of knowledge, literature , etc.  You will not be there to tell your tales to your great grandchildren, or maybe not even grandchildren (if I see the rate of illness and quality of food we’re eating). You can tell your tale to a piece of paper. It savours your story, tell that to anyone who reads it or You can just flip the pages and relive it .  That’s the beauty of writing.

You do not have to be a poet or have a Ph.D.in  literature  to write your feelings. You just need to be yourself !!!